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Weekend in Newport, Rhode Island

Weekend in Newport, RI

This may sound funny coming from someone who grew up in a fairly landlocked place–despite living in Dallas, we weirdly never spent time at any Texas beach–but I now totally get it why people say they are happier and more content by the water. It’s hard to describe, but most of you probably understand what […]

Weekend in Burlington, VT

A Weekend in Burlington, VT

For those keeping track at home, Vermont completely lived up to expectations and was the best place to spend a girls weekend! I flew up to Boston last Thursday afternoon, met up with a few friends living in the city that evening, and a couple of us drove up to Burlington Friday morning.

Lake Como

Lake Como: November 2016

And we’re finally at the last post of Europe 2016 (here are one and two). As I mentioned, we took a train to Lake Como for two nights in the beginning of our trip (after spending one night in Zurich). Lake Como was at the top of my travel wish list for years…my parents and […]


Lucerne: November 2016

I shared a recap of our time in Zurich the other day and now we’re heading to Lucerne, a little city located on–predictably–Lake Lucerne! It’s known for it’s medieval architecture and the iconic Kapellbrücke “Chapel” Bridge that goes over the point where the lake meets the River Reuss. Having been there twice now, I can confidently say that […]

Zurich, Switzerland

Zurich: November 2016

Here I am with an embarrassingly overdue post! You may remember J and I went to Switzerland and Lake Como back in November. Well, I’m finally done going through photos and am ready to share what we did! Trip coverage will be split into three different posts: Zurich, Lucerne, and Lake Como. Yay! We booked our […]

Travel Guide: Charlottesville

As you’ve likely heard by now, I spent this past weekend down in Charlottesville with some friends. It was my first time in this favorite VA city and it definitely lived up to the hype! We got in Friday night and spent most of Saturday vineyard hopping. They’re onto something when they say that some country air does the […]

Visiting Palm Beach

Palm Beach Travel Guide

If Palm Beach isn’t on your travel list, it will be now! Here’s a little recap of what we did…a lot [of restaurant hopping] for two days! HOW TO GET THERE We flew direct from DCA to PBI on Jet Blue–about a two hour flight–and since it’s currently “off season,” our flight was only around $130 […]

Rainbow Row, Charleston

Charleston Travel Guide

I’m excited to share more about what I actually did in Charleston the week before last! All blogging-related knowledge will be in a different post, but here I’ll fully recap what we did (where we stayed, what we ate, where we shopped, etc.). If you’ve been considering a trip to this charming southern city, I highly recommend you […]

Annapolis Waterfront Hotel

24 Hours in Annapolis, MD

weAs you may have heard by now, Katie and I spent last Friday night + the day Saturday in Annapolis, Maryland. Just over 30 miles from DC on the Chesapeake Bay, it’s the perfect destination for a quick weekend getaway for those in the northeast corridor. It’s the cutest little town that’s both Maryland’s state capital […]

What to do in Phuket, Thailand

A Guide to Phuket, Thailand

Happy Thursday, guys! Let’s just say that despite the ups and downs of real life, four day weeks > five day weeks, hands down. Also we’re taking a little virtual trip to Phuket today and if that doesn’t get you in the summery vaca mode, I don’t know what will!

Bangkok Flower Market

Guide to Bangkok, Thailand: Part II

Happppy Wednesdayyyy. We’re halfway there, and what better way to break up the week than with 30 more pictures of Bangkok? Like I said last week, we split our time into two two day increments with a three day trip to Phuket in the middle. You can read all about the first two days + […]

Guide to Bangkok

Guide to Bangkok, Thailand: Part I

Happpppy Thursday! I’m excited to share my second post on Thailand–this one’s about Bangkok. I debated how to break up content and decided to just do four posts: last week’s outfit, today’s post, a Bangkok follow up next week, and a short guide to Phuket.