5 Instagram Accounts to Follow this Summer

5 Instagram accounts to follow this summer

So here’s the thing…I had this grand plan to write a whole beauty post today and finally talk all about the skincare issues that I’ve struggled with since middle school, but the weekend got away from me and it occurred to me while I was in the shower and continuing to brainstorm our apartment decor that when friends actively ask me about fashion-centric Instagram accounts to follow, I also end up inserting a handful of decor/more general lifestyle accounts into conversation–they’re really gold mines of inspiration. When the question of my favorite accounts to follow comes up, the answer is always a mix of content types…plus many of my favorite blogs get linked to on here, not regramming on Insta makes it hard to share favorites over there!

Friday Things

Happy weekend, friends! How were your weeks? The highlight of mine was booking the last (I think) of my summer travel–more on that coming next week! I’m taking the GRE in less than a month and am pretty behind on studying, so am trying to cut down on fun things to stay focused on that till it’s over. Mehhh. But this weekend, plans are to squeeze in a brunch with a friend, hang our living room gallery wall (there are no words for how excited I am to get all these damn frames off the floor),  celebrate my bestie’s birthday, and help one of my oldest friends move into the city!

EATING: We’ve been having a decent amount of baked chicken with veggies lately, and an easy, yummy combo we’ve tried is marinating the chicken in this Trader Joe’s Island Soyaki Sauce and eating it alongside cauliflower rice and this mushroom medley. The was designed to eat with Italian food but actually tastes great with this! I like adding garlic roasted broccoli or asparagus on the side for a little something extra.

SHOPPING: L.L. Bean has 20% off a bunch of great summer items–a few of my favs are below! This shirt is really light and is great year-round (see it in action)!


– Liz shared her tips for staying motivated when it comes to fitness. They’re probably the words that have resonated with me most when it comes to motivation to exercise–realistic, honest, and to the point. (Also if you don’t read Liz’s blog, you are really missing out. She’s been one of my favorites since 2012!)

Loving this pink look from Mackenzie–can someone give me a reason to buy those shoes?

– My friend Reema has the best eye (have you seen her Instagram?) and I loved her DC travel guide on OKL. I hadn’t even heard of every place and have lived here for over four years! Time to break out the Google doc of restaurants (please tell me you have one of those, too)

– I really love the cookie + mint combo, so definitely want to make this shake soon…it’s also so simple, which is always a plus!

– Is anyone else stupidly intimidated by making poached eggs at home? Pretty sure I have mentioned my aversion before, but I really need to get over it and give it a shot. Obviously we’ll trust the experts at Bon Appétit!

– Katie’s post on how to make friends in your 20s is great, especially for those of you who may be moving to a new city or are looking to expand your current circle. She and I met post-grad and have become such good friends, so I’d say it’s worth stepping a few feet out of your comfort zone to get out there meet new people :)


10 great summer buys under $100–you’re welcome!

A few snaps from our ~26 hours in Philly last weekend, where in hindsight it seems like we did a decent amount!

10 Great Summer Buys Under $100

Gingham bikini (top) (bottom) // Nine West wedges (five colors available!) // Persifor passport case // Tuckernuck dress // Tuckernuck hat (also comes in white) // Bobeau top // J.Crew earrings // J.Crew Factory clutch // Banana Republic top // BP. sunnies

You know how much I love a good deal–specifically any under $100! All of these are are kinda trendy…like enough to be “cool”… but also pieces that go with everything and can likely be worn for seasons to come. They’ll all go with staples that are already in your closet–this one-shoulder top (which I just snagged in the navy) and this top may as well have been made for white skinny jeans. Also can you even believe your iPhone (even the big one) + essentials will fit in here?

Have you picked up any good summer pieces yet this season? I’m trying not to buy more right now but obviously self control can’t be helped for some great finds ;)