Last of the Nordstrom Sale: Under $100

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Under $100


Hi from Cape Cod! We’ve been having such a nice, relaxing time–so much so that Wednesday’s post just didn’t go up because I didn’t want to dig up the wifi password–and I’m happy we’re staying through Sunday! I also haven’t been posting on Instagram quite as much as expected, but that’s the beauty of vaca…right? Anyway, Insta stories is where it’s at so follow along there if you are interested in watching me eat massive lobster rolls on a daily basis :)

Mark Sikes Idea House | Newport, RI

Mark Sikes Idea House

All in favor for a weekend from the weekend? I could really use one–we painted most of the weekend and while it’s so satisfying to have it done, pretty much nothing else got done! I’m feeling good about how much we accomplished–moving everything out of a bedroom into the living room of a 540 square foot apartment is no easy feat–and we managed to get in a couple of dinners (met up with friends at Farmers & Distillers…dessert and cocktails were good, food was nothing to write home about; and date night at RPM Italian which never disappoints and I can’t recommend highly enough).

Continuing on with the décor theme, I’m really excited to share photos from Coastal Living’s 2017 Idea House in Newport! We stopped by there during our trip last weekend and it was out of a dream. Coastal Living teamed up with interior designer Mark Sikes (one of my favorites! I love his book), as well as a Newport-based architecture and custom design company to create a dream of a home. It was actually available for purchase, and was under contract when we visited. Talk about goals! This place is truly incredible and I walked away with so much inspiration and lots of ideas…especially for my future beachfront second home ;)

Friday Things

Newport, RI

It feels so good to be back to regular scheduled Friday programming…I love the Nordstrom sale, but it definitely monopolizes blog content + creative capacity so it’s nice to get back to regular scheduled content!

I had a really nice week back in DC–kicked it off with dinner at Boqueria with Ashlee, Charlotte, and Katie–Charlotte is moving in a couple weeks and we’re already planning to crash in her spare bedroom for a Michigan game next fall! Other than a happy hour last night, it’s been low key around here and I’ve been really grateful for the downtime. We’re planning to paint the bedroom this weekend (long overdue, as the can of paint has been sitting in the living room since we painted that nearly two months ago) and are having a couple fun dinners, too. Should be good and productive, especially heading into a few days on the Cape next week! We leave Tuesday night and I’m so excited to spend a few more days by the water.

How were your weeks? Any fun trips planned? And of course, have to ask: get anything good in the Nordstrom sale? :) Have a great one, friends!


– The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is still on! It ends next Friday and there are still lots of goodies despite things going in and out of stock regularly. Here’s my post that breaks down the sale by category and I reviewed what I kept. My favorite purchase was probably this cardigan–it’s almost sold out but if you’re a size 0-6, I think the XS/S will fit you!

– Bloggers, this one’s for ya (or for everyone, like many of my friends, who have been intrigued and excited by the behind the scenes of Instagram)–clearly the ‘gram hasn’t been going our way lately, and this post is the reminder we need. Focus on the blogs, guys.

– I always love Victoria’s beauty roundups, and this one’s no different. Yay for budget-friendly finds! And I was happy to see Thayer’s on there, as it’s served me well lately, too.

This dress has been tempting me all season (if it’s good enough for Pippa, it’s good enough for me), so naturally loved Julia’s shot in Nice.

– Charlotte brought these oatmeal chocolate chip cookies to dinner on Monday and they’re as delicious as they look!

– One of my friends made this veggie galette for dinner last week and sent over the recipe–looks delicious, right?

– Helloooo, photogenic and delicious-looking rosé beet risotto!

– Pimm’s Cup is one of my favorite cocktails, so naturally I want to try a Pimm’s slushie. Pimm’s with lemon sorbet? Sign me up.

– Jackie shared a bunch of tips on how to buy a good sofa. Definitely worth a read if you’re in the market for one, as they can be quite the investment!

– Bookmarked this recipe for avocado chocolate mousse…anyone else constantly fascinated about how you can conceal savory foods like avocado, spinach, zucchini, and kale into something sweet and delicious?


Lots of posts to share here since the last couple of Fridays have been taken up by the Nordstrom sale!

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Recapping a fun weekend in Newport, RI. Take me back!