A Weekend in Burlington, VT

Burlington, VT

For those keeping track at home, Vermont completely lived up to expectations and was the best place to spend a girls weekend! I flew up to Boston last Thursday afternoon, met up with a few friends living in the city that evening, and a couple of us drove up to Burlington Friday morning.

Snaps from Philly


We got back from Philly yesterday afternoon and I wanted to share some snaps from our ~26 hours there! I’d only ever visited once and it was to visit a friend in college, so I hadn’t seen any of the city beyond a few blocks surrounding campus. The purpose of this weekend’s trip was for a wedding, so we took the train up Saturday morning and were checked into our hotel by 10:45am! Such a quick one if you’re coming from DC or NYC–I’m really surprised it took us this long to make it up there.

NYC Snapshots

Jack's Wife Freda NYC

I wanted to share a few snaps from my trip to NYC a couple of weeks ago–as you know, it was a quick one. Katie and I went for the Create & Cultivate conference so this post is pretty much some random bits from Friday (re-reading it, it’s all food-related..haha). You can read more about the conference here, if you’re interested!