48 Hours in Williamsburg, VA


J and I went to Williamsburg this past weekend with one of our fav couples, and the historic town did not disappoint! I’ve always wanted to visit, thanks in part to Felicity and the American Girl series (#tbt), and of course wanted to take advantage of it being an easy drive from DC.

We got to Williamsburg around at around 2pm on Saturday, checked into the hotel, and headed to Williamsburg Winery for wine + snacks before freshening up before dinner. Sunday was filled with more food, history, and lots of walking…pretty much what you’d expect a Williamsburg weekend to look like. Breaking down what we did (and where we ate, of course) below!

Lake Como: November 2016

Lake Como

And we’re finally at the last post of Europe 2016 (here are one and two). As I mentioned, we took a train to Lake Como for two nights in the beginning of our trip (after spending one night in Zurich). Lake Como was at the top of my travel wish list for years…my parents and I took a train through when I was younger and ever since then, I’ve been desperate to make it back for an actual stay.

Lucerne: November 2016


I shared a recap of our time in Zurich the other day and now we’re heading to Lucerne, a little city located on–predictably–Lake Lucerne! It’s known for it’s medieval architecture and the iconic Kapellbrücke “Chapel” Bridge that goes over the point where the lake meets the River Reuss. Having been there twice now, I can confidently say that it’s one of my favorite European cities. The Swiss ones tend to fill a lot of the spots on that list!