NYC Snapshots

Jack's Wife Freda NYC

I wanted to share a few snaps from my trip to NYC a couple of weeks ago–as you know, it was a quick one. Katie and I went for the Create & Cultivate conference so this post is pretty much some random bits from Friday (re-reading it, it’s all food-related..haha). You can read more about the conference here, if you’re interested!

5 Things I Never Travel Internationally Without

Unless you travel internationally on a regular basis, I think most of us can agree that a significant more amount of preparation (and oftentimes, stress) goes into making sure you have everything you’ll need before heading out the door. I grew up traveling abroad a decent amount–visiting family in India and my parents have always loved to do family trips–but it wasn’t until I started traveling sans-guardians that I figured out the essentials that were really important to me specifically. They aren’t too obscure, so most of you will probably relate or benefit, too!

My Favorite Travel Credit Card

Capital One Venture Card Review

TRUFFLE pouch (c/o)

It’s been a little since I’ve done a travel-related post but I have a few ideas brewing and wanted to start with one of my favorite post-college discoveries: travel credit cards. It’s been nearly four years since I entered the “real world,” and it took me until just over a year ago to fully discover the beauty of these guys. I’ve mentioned them before but wanted to talk a little more about my card of choice, the Capital One Venture Card.