Around the World: Sri Panwa – Phuket, Thailand

Sri Panwa – Phuket, Thailand

It’s been way too long since an Around the World post (where did the past 11 months go? I’m also blaming this on dropping posts from 5x/week to 3x/week) and I’m excited to bring them back! If you’ve been reading here awhile you may remember that I went to Thailand about a year and a half ago and spent a few days in Phuket. The resorts there are nothing short of spectacular–this is where we stayed–and they alone are going to have you adding the country to your bucket list!

Travel Tip: Scott’s Cheap Flights

In the spirit of having attended an informative travel hacking event hosted by Ashlee and Richard on Saturday, I wanted to talk more about one of my favorite travel resources that I’ve mentioned in passing before but not really delved into. It’s something I’ve shared with a lot of people individually–cheap flights and trips abroad are frequent conversations had among my friends and coworkers–but it definitely deserves its own post!

Cape Cod Snapshots

Cape Cod

Spending five days on Cape Cod turned out to be the most welcome vacation! We were there with a couple of friends, as one of their parents graciously hosted us. Three of us flew up to Providence last Tuesday after work, rented a car, and drove to the house and were in just after midnight. The Cape isn’t the most ideal place to get to depending on where you’re coming from and the time of day (or the day itself–Fridays and weekends can be tough), but luckily getting in at night means no traffic. Also, highly recommend flying into Providence if you’re renting a car. It’s about equidistant from Boston, which is where people generally assume they need to start the drive.