My First OTS Top

Off the shoulder top

Happy Tuesday, friends! Did you guys have a nice long weekend? We spent most of Saturday and Sunday painting the living room (in this pretty white/gray) and I’m so happy the blue walls are GONE! The plan was to do the bedroom, too, but we totally underestimated what it would be like to paint a very small space with all the furniture still in it. Unfortunately we weren’t able to paint before moving in, so a lot of time this weekend was spent rearranging things and trying not to fall on top of the television while balancing on a stepladder. The job isn’t perfect, but it looks good and I do think we learned a lot. Next time (for the bedroom, perhaps) I’m hoping we can have a friend who’s done this a few times give us some tricks to a) speed things up and b) avoid some of those streaky spots. Thank goodness for gallery walls ;)

My Favorite Summer Dress

Persifor Riveria dress

We’re definitely in sandals and shift dress season (time to re-break in all our favorite sandals, ugh!) and I’m so excited to share this outfit with you guys because it features what is hands down my favorite summer dress, ever. Not only is it blue + white, but it’s also a shift, which is pretty much the most flattering and forgiving silhouette–the most comfortable when the temperatures and humidity rise. It’s safe to say that I’m pretty much obsessed, and I’d imagine may of you are, too!

Caught in a Rainstorm

Rainy day style

What a weekend! If you missed it, I was in NYC for Create & Cultivate this weekend–Katie and I took the train up after work on Thursday and the conference was on Saturday. It was such a fun, informative, and inspiring day…I have a recap coming (next Monday is the plan) and am excited to share more! But in the meantime, let’s talk about Friday’s outfit…