Recent Home Purchases


Time for some apartment peeks! I’m going to snap some actual pictures of the space soon but wanted to share a few recent purchases that we’ve made. While we bought a few new things for the place–including a bed (cannot recommend this mattress more) and couch–the idea was to replace other things gradually for the sake of money and not rushing the decorating process. I’m also trying to think of the smaller, less expensive changes that can really elevate a space, such as new closet doorknobs (they arrive today!) and simple light fixtures to replace the unsightly generic ones that are tolerable but don’t do anything for the space.

Mark Sikes Idea House | Newport, RI

Mark Sikes Idea House

All in favor for a weekend from the weekend? I could really use one–we painted most of the weekend and while it’s so satisfying to have it done, pretty much nothing else got done! I’m feeling good about how much we accomplished–moving everything out of a bedroom into the living room of a 540 square foot apartment is no easy feat–and we managed to get in a couple of dinners (met up with friends at Farmers & Distillers…dessert and cocktails were good, food was nothing to write home about; and date night at RPM Italian which never disappoints and I can’t recommend highly enough).

Continuing on with the décor theme, I’m really excited to share photos from Coastal Living’s 2017 Idea House in Newport! We stopped by there during our trip last weekend and it was out of a dream. Coastal Living teamed up with interior designer Mark Sikes (one of my favorites! I love his book), as well as a Newport-based architecture and custom design company to create a dream of a home. It was actually available for purchase, and was under contract when we visited. Talk about goals! This place is truly incredible and I walked away with so much inspiration and lots of ideas…especially for my future beachfront second home ;)

Apartment Sneak Peeks

Simple classic apartment decor

I’m so excited to finally share some peeks of our new apartment with you guys! As you may remember, we moved in this spring and have been slowly making our way through the typical mile-long list of to-dos. The good news is most of the bigger things have been purchased, the living room has been painted (in Paper White, if you’re curious), we got barstools for the bar area, and hung up a gallery wall over the couch (getting all the frames off the floor was amazing). This is by no means “done,” but I’ve been getting quite a few questions regarding when updates would be shared sooo here we are!