Friday Things

TGIF! This week was pretty average except for a fun double date Monday night and last night’s Hush Puppies media dinner at Masseria. I’d been wanting to try the restaurant and it definitely didn’t disappoint! The HP girls and their team put on the most beautiful event (check out my Insta stories if you’re reading this before Friday night!)–we’re talking dreamy decor, delicious food, and so many sweet attendees–and it was so fun getting to learn about a brand we’ve all heard of from way back when but likely haven’t shopped in years. I wore my new sandals in Monday’s post and you can shop them here! Oh and casually, when Laura, Ashlee, and I were on our way out, Michelle Obama was exiting the restaurant, too. Like, what?! I’ve lived here for over four years collectively and not once had anything like that happen to me. She literally blew right by us (Secret Service practically ran Ashlee over shuttling Michelle out) and her cars were right behind our Lyft. An agent saw me on my phone–trying to check for our ride–and said “no photos please, ma’am” and I was like whaaaatt (and clarified I was just trying to get our car). It was definitely one of those really cool DC moments :)

Friday Things

This week can probably be summed up by the following phrase: gorgeous weather and horrible allergies. I’m sure many of you know the feeling! It was a busy one with work and homework but I snuck in a happy hour on the W Hotel patio–they have bocce and are right next to the Treasury!– and caught up with a friend over happy hour last night. We’re heading to a Nats game this weekend and I’m going to be organizing more things around the apartment and buckling down to crank out a lot of work since the next few weeks are already filled to the brim. Hope you have a great weekend, and Happy Easter to those who celebrate!

Friday Things

TGIF, friends! This has felt like a long week since we moved in last Friday and have been awaiting this weekend to really get things set up (read: clear the rest of the boxes from the living room and put things roughly in their place). Last night was the Bloomingdales x Junior League annual fashion show, so I headed up there along with a few other blogger girls to play stylist. My girl Kate wore this insanely beautiful Paule Ka gown and classic Stuart Weitzman heeled sandals (she almost wore this dress for a more casual desk to drinks look…I’m obsessed, and the price is great!). They’re also having their F&F sale so tons of items are 25% off with code FRIENDS, so this is a great time to pick up both investment pieces and springy things!

What’re you up to this weekend? They’re calling for sunshine and I’m so excited to appreciate that from both being outside and from our floor-to-ceiling living room windows and unobstructed view! The agenda includes brunch, cocktails + dinner with friends, and a small biz workshop thing on Sunday. Anddd catching up on life that has been neglected for the past ~2 weeks. Hope you have a great one!


As I mentioned, the Bloomingdales Friends & Family sale and there’s also the Lord & Taylor F&F sale! Some picks from both below…

Bloomingdales: 25% off lots of items with code FRIENDS
Lord & Taylor: 30% off most items and 10% off most cosmetics with code FRIENDS


Have you heard of “golden milk”? It takes me a bit to get into food trends, but my mom has sung the praises of turmeric for as long as I can remember so this one’s a little more palatable. May give it a try!

– Another good one from Mandy this week: Funfetti Chocolate Chip Cookies. Funfetti cake is my favorite, so this is a no-brainer! Drooling.

– Loving Jess’ new wellness series and can’t wait to read more!

– Homemade kale salads can be hit or miss, and people seem to swear that “massaging” the kale makes all the difference. Bookmarking this versatile recipe from Hitha!

– An interesting read: what food geniuses eat for lunch.

A good read on Jenna Lyon’s departure. As a huge J.Crew shopper, definitely curious to see where things go!

– Is anyone else incredibly daunted by the prospect of poaching your own eggs? I really want to try it, and now pretty much have no reason not too: a super simple tutorial!

This will fulfill your daily dose of cute–and then some.

– Ah, the perfect Instagram feed–thanks to Katie for breaking it down, and for always being my go-to “does this look good in the feed, HELP” person :) (PS: Happy third bloggaversary! LOVE YOU!)


– A new classic outfit post– #stripes

– My thoughts on unplugging for a couple hours a week and why having a set block has helped me.

Photo from last year’s Cherry Blossoms