Summer Hostess Gift Ideas

Summer Hostess Gift Ideas


We’ve talked about hostess gifts a decent amount over here–especially around the holidays–but I’m sure like myself, many of you are heading to a friend’s house/apartment at least once for a weekend or long weekend this summer. Sure, hostess gifts don’t really have to change depending on the season, but just like you can get extra festive around the holidays, why not get a little more into the spirit of summer right around now?

Here are some of my favorites…scroll down to widget the bottom of the post to shop them all!

Turkish Towel: They’re so cute, so practical, and don’t have to break the bank. Win-win-win, right? Turkish towels are quick to dry and can be used as towels (obviously), picnic blankets, light blankets on a chilly night (fire pit, anyone?), or even as a decorative piece in a bathroom that needs some color (I’d put it on a ladder like this, if your space allows it). Short on time? This one comes rolled!

Rosé: Everybody’s favorite summer wine! Like all wines, rosé is available at all price points and bonus: always has the cutest labels. If you’re looking to do something a little more indulgent, pair a bottle with a Turkish towel! I generally pick up my bottles at Trader Joe’s and regularly buy all the ones on this list, with the exception of the first bottle.

A yummy bag of food: This sounds weird when you call it a “yummy bag of food,” but I’m essentially talking about going to the store and putting together a combination of treats for your guest. For instance, when I stayed with my bestie in NYC last summer, I just went to TJ’s and picked up a few treats–sweet and savory–and put them in a pretty gift bag. I grabbed a bottle of rosé from the liquor store around the corner from their apartment and we enjoyed everything on their roof one evening!

Candle: Although more frequently associated with fall and winter, candles are seasonless! This one is extra summery (count on Tuckernuck to source something this cool) or go with a luxurious classic if you’re okay spending a bit more.

Fun pool float: These are everywhere this year! You’ll definitely be lauded for bringing the fun, and tons of these can be ordered via Amazon Prime if you’re cutting it close. Stumped on which one to buy? Consider everyone’s favorite swan or a less pricey donut.

Girly tumblers or wine glasses: The perfect gift if you’re going to a female friend’s place…Lilly makes great ones and they’ll quickly turn into everyone’s favorite vessel for all girls nights to come.



A Perfect Home

Dream House

This is a bold statement, but I think I’ve found a nearly perfect home. This renovated English Tudor home has the perfect mix of modern and traditional elements that give it a fresh and airy, yet cozy and classic vibe. Some of the elements that stand out to me are the rattan chairs with plaid pillows (see above), the range of frame styles on the gallery wall, white bedding, and the small details (sconces, topiaries/flowers, coffee table books). If I could have one of each, please, and those hardwood floors…

5 Kitchen Items You’ll Use Every Week

5 Kitchen Essentials

One of the best and worst parts about growing up, going to college, and moving out of your family’s home is cooking for yourself. The plus side is that you can make and eat whatever you wan’t–ice cream for dinner isn’t just a saying, it’s a reality– but the downside? You actually have to shop for the ingredients and cook the food.

Since I’ve been “cooking for myself” for about four years now (just over two years out of college, plus a few summers of internships and living in an an apartment my senior year), there are some tried and true recipes I make on the reg. They utilize some of the most versatile kitchen utensils and while they seem like no-brainer additions to your home, are a good place to start if you’re moving and need to take stock, or are looking to upgrade items you already own. The best part is that they’re each available for under $30!

Frying pan: Some of my most frequently made recipes are veggie stir fry (the Trader Joe’s Soyaki Sauce and the Panda Express Orange Sauce are my favorites) with quinoa or brown rice, fried eggs (love ’em with quinoa, avocado, salsa, and a crispy tortilla or tortilla chips), quesadillas, and grilled cheese (add some grilled or raw veggies!). Splurge and steal.

Cutting board: Anyone else think a good cutting board is hard to find? And then people say you should have one designated for meat, and another for everything else. Curious to hear what you guys think…are you pro plastic or bamboo? Splurge and steal.

Basic knife: In an ideal world, a luxurious knife set would be sitting on my counter right now. That’s far from the case, but even if you have a couple of mismatched ones, make sure one of them is versatile enough for the basics–for me, that’s cutting fruit, cheese, quesadillas, and the like. Splurge and steal.

Blender: For the green smoothies I make nearly every morning! You can see some of the versions I make here. This one’s a steal and quite the value for the money–it’s lasted me over two years with regular use–but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t excited to try my roommate’s new Nutri Ninja :) Splurge and steal.

Toaster oven: I use this all.the.time, mostly to heat up some of my favorite frozen foods like Ikea Swedish Meatballs, and Trader Joe’s Chickenless Crispy Tenders (I swear they’re delicious), down to the basics like toast and homemade pizza (try this and this). If you’re deciding between a regular toaster and a toaster oven, I going for the latter due to its versatility. Splurge and steal.

What’re the most used items in your kitchen? Did you splurge or save on it? Out of the items above, the only ones I truly want to splurge on are a blender and a knife set…and this frying pan, which won’t be happening any time soon! Also, as evidenced by the items selected above, I think Amazon is a great place to shop for kitchen items. Anyone else had equally good luck there?

Graphic by Monica Dutia for Cake & Lilies; items shown linked in post above