Tupelo Honey Cafe

Tupelo Honey Arlington, VA

Story time: I used to work in the Courthouse neighborhood of Arlington, VA (just a short metro ride over the river from DC) and when I started, one of my coworkers’ biggest complaints was the lack of dining options right by the office. It didn’t initially bother me since I typically pack a lunch, but after working there for a few months it became apparent that going to the same divey Irish pub to celebrate new arrivals and birthdays wasn’t really the most festive or exciting choice. Then Tupelo Honey opened in mid-2015 and we started going there pretty much any time there was an excuse to go to a sit-down meal. Guys, it’s so good, especially if you’re a fan of southern food. Katie (who was born in North Carolina and is definitely more “southern” than I am despite my Dallas upbringing) and I went on a dinner date the other week and I wanted to share some highlights!

Five of My Favorite Dishes in DC

Favorite Dishes in DC

I’m back in DC after a fun weekend in Burlington, VT (recap coming Wednesday) and am excited finally to share this post that I’ve been thinking about doing for awhile–a roundup of some of my favorite dishes in DC! A lot of people ask about restaurant recs and inevitably we also end up discussing the menus. There will likely be at least one–if not more–similar posts in the future but obviously categorizing something as one of your favorite dishes can’t just be done lightly, so we’re starting with these definite five. If you’re in the DMV, are planning a trip here, or are just curious about dishes at some of these establishments, hopefully you get something out of this!

Touring the District: Lincoln Memorial

Lincoln Memorial, DC

We’re back with the second installment of Touring the District and I’m excited to share one of my favorite monuments with you: the Lincoln Memorial. If you’ve seen any photos of the National Mall, chances are Lincoln looks pretty familiar. The monument is situated on the furthest west side of the Mall and is the first one you see if you’re driving into the District from Reagan National Airport.

Lincoln Memorial

Loren Hope

I think everyone who visits Lincoln for the first time would agree that it’s way bigger in person than you’d imagine. It’s 87 steps to get from the Reflecting Pool to the top, and Lincoln is regally perched up on a massive chair. I don’t know why it took me this long to shoot photos here…the colossal white marble and views of the District and Virginia are incredible!

National Mall

If you haven’t experimented with winter whites, I’d highly recommend giving them a shot. It felt a little unnatural to me at first (my white jeans haven’t seen the light of day since October), but pairing a white skirt with an all-black outfit that includes a cozy cashmere crewneck made what I thought would mostly be a summer skirt turn season-less.

Lincoln Memorial

Lord & Taylor Cashmere Sweater (on sale!)
J.Crew Factory Skirt
Cole Haan Coat (on sale!)
Loren Hope Earrings
Target Black Tights
J.Crew Factory Pumps (borrowed from Katie, but can’t wait to get my hands on a pair!)

Below is the Arlington Memorial Bridge, which is the route you generally take when entering the District from DCA (Reagan National). You’re greeted by the back of the Lincoln Memorial (where we shot these photos), which is still a pretty decent welcome to the city. We even saw a couple get engaged a few yards away from where we were shooting these…so romantic. It’s views like that inspire you to always be a tourist in your city and never stop exploring!

Lincoln Memorial

Black Coat

Washington Monument

Outfit photos by Katie Urban