Five Blogging Tools I Love

5 Essential Blogging Tools

Kicking off this Monday with a productive post on blogging tools I’ve been relying on as of late! I’ve been using these for anywhere from six months to three years, and really can’t recommend them enough. There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes of maintaining a blog, and having a small arsenal of apps and software to make things run more smoothly makes a world of difference when it comes to organization and efficiency. I initially resisted getting some of these because of the cost (only one is free) but like they say, time is money and these save a lot of time. Bloggers, hopefully you find something useful in here and those of you who aren’t bloggers, hopefully you enjoy a look behind the scenes!

Create & Cultivate Conference Recap

Create & Cultivate Conference

I’m so excited to share a little recap of the NYC Create & Cultivate conference with you guys! The conference was last Saturday and went from 8am-about 8:30pm. It was a long, fun, inspiring day, packed with lots of cool panels, brands, and networking. Let’s dive in!

The Best Thing I Bought in 2016

Sony a5100 travel camera review

Today I want to talk about something that may ring a bell if you’ve been a reader for awhile…my favorite purchase in 2016. It took me a little longer to narrow down this year’s (the Wacom tablet was practically a no-brainer a couple of years ago), but I’m going to go with another piece of technology: my new camera.