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Best Beauty Products

One of my favorite parts about blogging is trying new things and being able to share my thoughts and experiences with you guys. While skincare is something I still have a lot to learn about, I have been trying out some products and brands that are finally ready to make their debut over here now that I’ve used them for a few consecutive weeks! I’m always partial to cosmetic brands that prioritize skincare (rather than just pretty makeup products), and have two new goodies you’ve gotta know about.

Beauty Vol. I

Favorite Beauty Products

August 1–can you believe it?! I won’t pretend that every summer doesn’t seem to fly by at this rate, but it’s crazy that fall is just a second away (yet the hottest is probably still yet to come…ugh). I spent the weekend getting drinks with Meg + friends on Friday, got a haircut on Saturday, and went to the rainy but incredible Billy Joel concert Saturday night. Other than brunch, yesterday was spent getting my ducks in a row for Charleston this week. It felt like one of my more productive Sundays in awhile, which was totally necessary going into a busy week!

I’m back with some current beauty favorites–most are skincare this time around. The good news is that they’ll all carry over to fall and winter (as in, they’re dry skin friendly!).

A Beauty Secret: The Best Razors for Women

Harry's Razors

Happy Monday! Hope you all had a good weekend…if yours was anything like DC’s, like it or not– summer is here to stay!