10 Random Things About Me

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It’s been awhile since my last personal post on here so I figured one was long overdue–it’s also my birthday, so doing something like this feels right! Julia and Mackenzie (two great blogs I’ve been reading for years, so add them to your list if you haven’t already!) recently shared similar posts so I was inspired to do the same.

This year’s birthday completely snuck up on me–things in the summer always tend to, but somehow I felt it more than usual–but I’m excited to keep eating cake for breakfast all week, celebrate with Chick-Fil-A for lunch (relevant based on #10 below), and have a nice dinner with a few good friends :)

Summer Plans + How I Booked My Flights

Summer travel

Let’s call this Travel Wednesday because I’m more on a M-W-F posting schedule now than not–today I wanted to talk about one of everyone’s favorite things this time of year: summer travel! Many of you are probably in the process of planning at least one trip this summer, and I don’t know about you but I love hearing about other people’s travel plans. It’s sort of the “what’s in your bag effect”…a combination of being curious what others are up to and but also really excited to hear about someone’s experience. If you’ve met me in person and mentioned a recent vacation, chances are you were peppered with questions :)

5 Instagram Accounts to Follow this Summer

5 Instagram accounts to follow this summer

So here’s the thing…I had this grand plan to write a whole beauty post today and finally talk all about the skincare issues that I’ve struggled with since middle school, but the weekend got away from me and it occurred to me while I was in the shower and continuing to brainstorm our apartment decor that when friends actively ask me about fashion-centric Instagram accounts to follow, I also end up inserting a handful of decor/more general lifestyle accounts into conversation–they’re really gold mines of inspiration. When the question of my favorite accounts to follow comes up, the answer is always a mix of content types…plus many of my favorite blogs get linked to on here, not regramming on Insta makes it hard to share favorites over there!