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Around the World: The Jefferson Hotel–Richmond, VA

The Jefferson Hotel, Richmond

A couple of weekends ago, Katie and I drove to Richmond for a weekend at The Jefferson Hotel. They invited us down to experience their newly renovated property, and spoiler: the hotel completely lives up to the hype it consistently receives.

Around the World: Sri Panwa – Phuket, Thailand

Sri Panwa – Phuket, Thailand

It’s been way too long since an Around the World post (where did the past 11 months go? I’m also blaming this on dropping posts from 5x/week to 3x/week) and I’m excited to bring them back! If you’ve been reading here awhile you may remember that I went to Thailand about a year and a half ago and spent a few days in Phuket. The resorts there are nothing short of spectacular–this is where we stayed–and they alone are going to have you adding the country to your bucket list!

Around the World: Villa d’Este

Villa d'Este

Our trip to Switzerland is coming up in just over a month (eeek!) and while we have most of the details nailed down, there’s still a few logistics to sort out. One thing we do have planned is a two night stay in Lake Como, a stunning spot on the Swiss–Italian border. It’s a booming summer destination that’s much sleepier off-season, but we’re excited to go have a low key, relaxing couple of days exploring the area and eating great food. I’ve only passed through on the train and it’s been on my bucket list ever since!