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It feels weird to post about frivolous things right now in light of this week’s events. Like most of you, I woke up on Monday to the tragic news from Las Vegas and haven’t been able to shake the feelings of sadness, frustration, and fear that I’m sure everyone is coping with right now. The fact that so many innocent lives are continually taken by senseless actions doesn’t even feel real, yet it’s seemingly become the new normal. Moments like these make you realize that you can’t live your life in fear, but that something like this can truly happen to anyone. I prefer to keep politics off this blog and my social channels, but the fact that someone was able to obtain what it took to cause something like this is beyond me, and needs to change. Sending love and prayers to everyone affected by this week’s tragedy–stay safe, friends.

On a lighter note, it’s going to be the first weekend in a few where we have little to no plans, and I’m really looking forward to that satisfying balance of productivity and relaxing. I’m finally heading over to Katie’s new place tonight and other than a couple workout classes, we’re just going to run some errands and do things around the house. Maybe do one last al fresco meal? If it can’t feel like fall, may as well take advantage of the warmer temperatures!


– I’ve made so many great recipes from Skinnytaste (it’s one of the first food blogs I ever cooked from) and am definitely going to try these chicken marsala meatballs. I also love zucchini “meatballs”her recipe for a light Italian meal!

Julia opened up on emotional labor, which is something I’ve struggled to find a term for for awhile (apparently it’s a widespread thing). Many of us can probably relate to it in some capacity…I’d also recommend reading the comments, too.

L.L. Bean currently has 20% off the site, including Bean Boots. They’re typically excluded from all promos so this is a big one, especially since they’re still in stock (which, if it’s anything like in years past, probably wont’ be the case within a couple weeks)…you also get a $10 gift card with a $50 purchase so trust me when I say this is the time to spring for whatever Bean pieces you’ve been eyeing!

If you’re not sure what kind of boots to get, this post is for you. If you’re looking for other great Bean buys, check out this post–it has some of my all time favorite pieces!

Serena & Lily’s Friends & Family sale is on, so it’s 20% off sitewide. My barstools are an amazing price–over $200 off–and are worth the splurge! They’re really comfortable and well-made…we got the red on sale but the F&F sale also covers the classic blue.

A fun interview with a formal royal chef–some things you’d expect, some you wouldn’t.

– If you’re in the market for a Barbour coat (they’re my favorite!), check out Tuckernuck’s comprehensive guide–they break down all the styles and options in a digestible way! I have the Beadnell in navy, the Bedale in olive, and recently picked up the quilted Beadnell in navy.

– The Everygirl founder Danielle Moss knows how to style a home, and her newish place is no different. Whether or not your style is as minimalist as hers, you’ll definitely take away some decor tips and want to declutter, stat.

– ICYMI: Talking about my stay at The Jefferson Hotel in Richmond…I couldn’t recommend it more highly.

Original image via Marc Jacobs with edits + text by me


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    When I saw L.L.Bean was having that giant sale the first thing I thought of was: I bet Monica’s excited :) Enjoy your low key weekend, that sounds so glorious!

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    I read that emotional labor article last week but hadn’t seen Julia’s post on it yet – so glad I’ve read that now, too. It’s such a real thing – I don’t want to complain because I do have friends whose husbands and significant others won’t even do the chores if asked, but it IS exhausting to be the one seeing what needs to be done and making the to do lists. After talking about it with a friend whose husband is the Type A, organized one in the relationship, though, I wonder if it’s just that we all end up in these Type A-B arrangements and that’s what creates the emotional labor disconnect?

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      Heather, I’m so glad you said this and am sorry for waiting to reply for this long…I read this on my phone and proceeded to have a conversation with J about it. I think this is a big part of the conversation…I agree that I tend to bring a lot of these things on myself by being so type A and controlling about certain things, but that there probably is always one person whose more into this kind of organization so that disconnect would have to exist. It’s a great point!

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