Friday Things

Friday Things

Man, what a week it’s been. The past few days have been especially rough with the horrifying things that have been happening in the world. It’s hard to imagine that so many senseless issues and acts continue to be our reality in 2017, and we can only try to optimistically hope the world becomes a better, less scary place. Seeing the violence in nearby Charlottesville–a city I visited last fall and one that friends have called home for years–is heartbreaking. Stay safe and strong, everyone.

On a lighter note, we’re in town this weekend with minimal plans and that makes me so happy! We’ll finally be able to get to the pool, and I’m grabbing dinner with a friend tomorrow and going to barre + brunch on Sunday. Basically, what my ideal summer weekend at home entails :) It was J’s birthday yesterday so we tried out the patio at Pineapple & Pearls–guys, it was amazing. It’s kind of the city’s hidden gem, in my opinion, and we didn’t know about it till I saw this Washingtonian story on Monday. Highly recommend if you’ve been wanting to try them out for a meal (they have a coffee bar, too)…it’s a very limited menu but we got all four dishes and were comfortably full. The drinks are also out of this world!

SHOPPING: This is the weirdest time of year to shop because you probably want to buy fall things and they’re hitting the shelves, but realistically, depending on where you live, the shorts aren’t being packed away for at least another month and a half. My general move this time of year is to look out for great sales on basics that you know you’ll use again next year (like shorts) and stick with mostly transitional items if you’re looking for something totally new that can be worn now (like this sleeveless sweater).


– I’m weirdly fascinated by good bathroom renovations, especially ones that include a cool statement wallpaper. Swooning over this DIY job by Mackenzie and her family–the change is like night and day!

– Necessary as we round out summer: La Croix flavors and the booze that goes best with each. Definitely plan to try Pamplemousse (obviously the best flavor) + Campari and Pimm’s + Mure Pepino! What’s your fav?

Cup of Jo does this really cool series on parenting around the world, and this week they shared a look at what it’s like to raise kids in Croatia. Maybe it’s that seeing the country has been high on my bucket list for awhile (I visited Slovenia right before high school and we almost went to Croatia–so bummed we didn’t!) or just being generally curious about expat life, but this was really interesting and is a cool inside look on the daily life in a country that’s seen a rapidly growing tourism industry over the past few years.

– Fellow Trader Joe’s lovers, this one’s for you: did you know so many items are made by major, well-known brands? Let’s just say that a taste test is going to be happening with Tate’s because if they’re identical, this is a game changer.

How would you feel about staying in an underwater villa? The idea sounds so cool, but so…strange? I don’t know. 95% sure I’d end up loving it but definitely not something I’d ever thought would be a thing. Count on Dubai to be the pioneer!


My favorite resource for finding insanely cheap international flights.

Sharing a peek at one of my favorite southern restaurants (they have locations around the country!) + a 20% off to-go discount code that ends tonight!

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    I love the parenting around the world series! I find it so fascinating to see how parenting varies. I’ve picked up a few tips that I’ve tried to implement too.

  2. 3

    I’m definitely struggling with shopping right now- being in FL I know I have 6 more months of heat, but there is a tiny part of me that’s dying to break out the booties a bit!! ha. Enjoy your relaxing weekend- we all need those once in a while!

    • 4

      Ah the struggle is SO real! I can’t imagine Florida, haha. It’s like living in California in that you don’t ever pack away your shorts (at least I don’t think you do)…fingers crossed you get your real fall + winter to wear those booties!

  3. 5

    I hope you have a great + relaxing weekend with your computer back! Can we move into Mack’s house? ;] Thanks for all the Cville love. xx

    ​xx katie // a touch of teal

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