Weekend in Newport, RI

Weekend in Newport, RI

This may sound funny coming from someone who grew up in a fairly landlocked place–despite living in Dallas, we weirdly never spent time at any Texas beach–but I now totally get it why people say they are happier and more content by the water. It’s hard to describe, but most of you probably understand what I mean. Anyway, all that being said, it should come as no surprise that our quick trip to Newport came at the right time and was a mental break I really needed!

Cliff Walk, Newport

Newport Cliff Walk

I’m not going to go into details now (promise I will eventually), but I had been really mentally and emotionally drained going into this weekend. My trips this summer were intentionally planned somewhat back to back in the latter half (Burlington two weeks ago, then Newport, and heading to the Cape next week) and by the time last Friday rolled around, I was more than ready to get out of town for a couple of days. We had a good balance of activity + leisure, and I’m already looking for an excuse to go back as is typical post-most weekend trips.

Newport Cliff Walk

Weekend in Newport, RI


We flew Southwest from DCA to Providence–the route is relatively new and flights seem to be consistently inexpensive. It’s easy to rent a car in Providence and drive down to Newport…we’re talking about 45 minutes. It was pricey though, so if you’re with a couple other people consider just splitting an Uber.

If you’re in Boston or NYC, it’s even easier: the train from Boston to Providence is less than an hour, NYC is about three hours, and there’s apparently a ferry from Providence directly into Newport. I’ve never done it, but looks legit and inexpensive! Note that the PVD airport is actually in Warwick, RI, which is about 10 miles south of Providence (in the direction of Newport).

A lot of people within driving distance just choose to drive to Newport, which makes the most sense to me. While having a car is definitely not essential, it can be helpful if you’re planning to venture to surrounding areas for any reason and don’t want to get an Uber.

Definitely dive more into researching travel plans if you aren’t driving or taking a flight up from DC, as the time of year will certainly affect options (for instance, the ferry only operates “in season.”)


There are several hotels, and many are cute boutique properties. Newport can be pretty pricey in the summer so the rental route is a good option to explore…we happened to be there during the Hall of Fame Open so pretty much all the affordable rentals were already booked when we snagged one in May. Essentially, plan as early as you can! There are tons of options but things go quickly during the summer. Ours was just average and it would have been easier if we’d just booked one back in January when we got our flights.

If you’re going the hotel route, I’ve heard only good things about Lark properties and they have The Attwater and Gilded in Newport. Gurney’s is also in the process of renovating their property (Dana wrote about her experience here). For a splurge, try The Castle Hill Inn or The Chanler.

Newport, RI

Newport, RI

Not the best photo quality but HI TEXAS

Newport, RI


“Activity” wise, we hit up the Cliff Walk–a must-do, and wear closed toe shoes if possible, ideally workout stuff–spent a little time at the beach (we went to Easton’s which was the wettest beach ever…would not recommend personally based on our experience as pretty much all the sand was soaked from the tide, but Ashlee and Michael didn’t mind it), walked around downtown and perused some shops (the Kiel James Patrick flagship store, pictured below, recently opened and is beautiful–I snagged this sweater), and took an awesome sunset cruise through Classic Cruises of Newport. The cruise was amazing and I cannot recommend it enough…we had the best time. Tickets were only $41 and included unlimited champagne and beer + the 1.5 hour cruise that contained the most beautiful views of the Newport area. Corks were popping, the wind was blowing, and everyone on the boat seemed to be in the best moods!

I also dragged J to the Mark Sikes Coastal Living Idea House, which is getting a dedicated post next week aside from the peek below because it was basically out of a dream (update: view the post here!) It was about a 15 minute walk through residential neighborhoods from where we had lunch on Saturday (Flo’s mentioned below). Highly, highly recommend a visit if you can make it and are a Mark Sikes fan or just love interior design.

Mark Sikes Idea House

Weekend in Newport


Something to note re: seafood in Newport is that there isn’t actually a ton of inexpensive, traditional seafood options right on the water downtown. We didn’t realize this–I’d only visited once before and it was in the off-season–but you’ll probably need to make a short drive to nearby areas for those seafood shacks. We drove to Flo’s (mentioned below) and it was well worth the short trip…something to consider depending on the type of dining experience you’re looking to get!

The Greatfull Bread: Not actually in Newport, but very close to the airport and a great, super casual place to grab a bite before hitting the road. It’s a very simple looking spot in a mini strip shopping center but was rated five stars on Yelp so we tried it out. The sandwiches were all great, the prices cheap, and the owners incredibly nice!

Diego’s: Great Mexican food close to the water in downtown Newport. The wait can be long–ours was an hour–but they have a couple bars and there are lots of other spots nearby, too.

Mokka Coffeehouse:  A quirky breakfast spot that was between our Airbnb and downtown. Not directly on the water but some nice outdoor seating for a quick bite.

The Port: We went here for drinks upon arrival and the waterfront views can’t be beat! Their food is supposed to be good, too, and the vibe is casual meets upscale beachy. They have a couple drinks + some food on happy hour.

Cold Fusion Gelato: A popular, yummy gelato spot on Thames Street–get ready to share if you aren’t that hungry, because the smallest size has two scoops!

Newport, Rhode Island

Weekend in Newport, RI

Flo’s Clam Shack: Flo’s was probably my favorite meal of the trip–a loaded statement but the combination of incredibly fresh and delicious seafood, low prices, proximity to the beach, and a traditional clam shack settling set it apart. Ashlee, M, and I got a combo for $8 that included an entree (the crab cake sandwich was delicious), fries, coleslaw, and a beer. J got that entire platter of fried clams for $12 and we had to share a lobster roll. Insane, right? It’s a short drive right outside downtown Newport–close to the start of the Cliff Walk in Middletown and directly across the street from Easton’s Beach–and well worth the trip.

Weekend in Newport

Midtown Oyster Bar: We ate dinner here on Saturday night and snagged a table in the bar area–a relief as the wait was over an hour! The vibe is really lively and fun even though it’s not directly on the water. Live music started at some point in the night, which is always fun! Ashlee and M got oysters and had nothing but good things to say, and everyone besides me got seafood for the main course and were happy with their decisions (I got the burger and it was delicious!). J and I also deviated from a Narragansett (the cheap beer that’s unsurprisingly a staple there, but is actually good and something I get in DC fairly frequently) to try a strawberry Abita, a Louisiana beer that knocked it out of the park. Ashlee and M gave me the full education since it’s one of their favorite brews :)

Weekend in Newport, Rhode Island

Weekend in Newport, RI

Coffee Grinder: This is the cutest little coffee spot place directly on the water! Lots of baked goods and coffee, plus Adirondack chairs on the dock right outside so you can people watch. Definitely go here one morning!

Del's Lemonade, Newport

Del’s Lemonade: This is a Rhode Island staple and with good reason. The Del’s spot in Newport just has the frozen lemonade but it’s exactly what one needs on a hot summer day. There are actual lemon chunks in the ice!

The Lawn at Castle Hill Inn: Castle Hill Inn, pictured below, was our last stop on our way out of town on Sunday and was the perfect way to cap off a great weekend! The entire property overlooks the water and The Lawn is their outdoor restaurant with incredible views. If you saw my Insta stories you know what I mean…photos can barely do it justice! It’s where we shot these photos.

Castle Hill Inn, Newport

As you can see, there’s so much to see and do in Newport–while a weekend trip is easy to make depending on where you live, it is hard to cover all the ground! Next trip, I want to make it to the Tennis Hall of Fame, do the mansion tours, and spend more time at the antique market. We got so lucky–it was cloudy most of the time but didn’t rain a drop. It’s also a great place for a bachelorette party…we saw so many and had never thought of it as a destination for those celebrations.

Definitely reach out with any more questions, and be sure to read Ashlee’s recap, too! I also took a bunch of video footage and am going to try to piece that together into something worth sharing. Newport, we’ll be back again soon :)

Weekend in Newport, RI


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    I adore Newport, I went for a day a few years ago while I was in Mystic, CT (my roomie’s family has a house there) and am dying to go for a full weekend! Your trip looked so fun + I’m definitely bookmarking it as a guide for my next visit!

    • 3

      You’ll love spending a full weekend there! Felt completely different (yet sort of similar) than the one afternoon I’d spent there in the past!

  2. 4

    Oh, my, god. You KNOW I’m crazy jealous! Hah, kidding (but not :) – so glad that you got to go and have an awesome time! I love seeing these beautiful pictures. Between the Idea House, the food, and the scenery…now I MUST take a trip out there. You’ve convinced me :)

  3. 6

    Newport looks like the most picture-perfect city!! I’m loving every picture from your weekend & think I need to add it to my travel bucket list :) I know how those draining weeks are… glad you were able to recharge!

  4. 8

    Thanks for sharing this! I live in DC and have been looking into taking a trip to Providence and Newport and this was super helpful!


  5. 10

    It seems like y’all had SUCH a fun weekend! I need to book a trip to Newport ASAP so I can use your guide as an itinerary :]

    ​xx katie // a touch of teal

  6. 12

    This is amazing. I am planning a bachelorette party in Newport during Labor Day weekend. Did you go to or see any good restaurants that might be fun for a bachelorette party??

    • 13

      You are going to have a BLAST! Definitely do the boat cruise we did (link in the post)–it was so fun and there were three bachelorette parties on the boat! I think Diego’s would be fun–it’s nice-casual Mexican food and has a fun vibe with lots of outdoor seating. The Port would also be nice…the restaurants by the water downtown were mostly a little nicer/pricier so something to keep in mind. We didn’t go to bars and experience the nightlife but there are a few of them very centrally located that supposedly serve good food :) Hope this helps–feel free to let me know if you have any more questions!!


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