Must Have: My Favorite $7 Lip Balm

Kiehl's lip balm
I wasn’t going to blog about this today, but woke up and had to share because we can all benefit from a good lip treatment find. Some of you may know how much love lip balms–it’s something I inherited from one of my late grandmothers and it’s pretty hard for me to resist trying out new things that catch my eye–the cuter the packaging, the better–or products that come highly recommended by others.

Back in the summer, I needed to meet a minimum while placing a Birchbox order and decided to add this Kiehl’s lip balm to my cart. It didn’t even get opened until a couple of months ago (again, this is what happens when you’re rotating between like 12 lip treatments) but when I did use it before bed one day, noticed a huge difference the next morning. As someone who has really dry skin (has it been worse for anyone else this year, despite it not being so cold outside?), I definitely noticed waking up with softer and significantly more hydrated lips. Same thing happened this morning…I’ve been going to sleep with overly chapped lips and even my trusty jojoba oil hadn’t been delivering as well as it usually does. The Kiehl’s balm has a creamy, Vaseline-like texture and only requires a tiny amount to get the job done. Oh, and it’s $7 and is available from Nordstrom, so it ships free. A done deal, if you ask me! :)

I’d love to know (and my storage space + wallet don’t want to know)…what are some of your go-to winter lip balms? I’m all ears!

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    I tried this and it’s great. I went to an Aquaphor press event last year and literally came home with like, seven huge containers of Aquaphor, so that’s pretty much all I use. I keep a giant tub in my nightstand, a smaller container of it at my desk at work, and one in my bag, too! (And I still have a TON sitting in bins in my room, haha!) It’s amazing + works on everything, not just your lips. Also, it’s super cheap! Highly recommend :)

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      I do love Aquaphor! That’s probably actually what I’d compare to this effectiveness-wise. Thank goodness for these magical products as we trek through winter, haha

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    I have been using Aquaphor too, switched off other lip balms. I was getting little clogged pores by my lips and I read alot of articles that pointed fingers at my eos lip balms. Now I buy the small tubes of plain aquaphor and just use that. No more pimples.

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