Holiday Wine Spritzer

Holiday wine spritzer recipe

Sunday night, my roommate and I hosted a couple of our friends for our annual “Secret Santa” gift exchange. It’s actually something we started with my previous roommate (we all know each other from college)…basically my current roomie and I team up with a couple other friends (who were also roommates up until a couple months ago), and instead of buying each other smaller gifts, draw names and have a higher budget to buy a gift for one person. Then we get together for an evening and exchange them. Make sense? It’s a little tough to explain but you get my drift…

Anyway, it works out well because given that we all know each other so well, the idea is that a higher budget (it was $30 this year) and shopping for one person generally leads to a more practical + indulgent items. Case in point: my roommate got me this Thermos and a cute pair of socks, and other gifts were a gift certificate to a nail salon, pajamas (this top + these pants), and some pretty Anthro bowls.

Holiday wine spritzer recipe

Since it was a Sunday night, none of us were in the mood for lots of drinks. I ended up making simple little wine spritzers that had a festive touch thanks to some crushed orange slices + cranberries…it feels ridiculous to even call it a recipe, but the fruit really made it. Those plus Trader Joe’s apps, some veggies, homemade goat cheese bruschetta (recipe to come), and a panettone made the perfect casual Sunday night meal!

Holiday Wine Spritzer
Makes one cocktail

– One part wine (I filled my glass about 1/4 of the way)
– Three parts seltzer water or club soda
– 2 wedges clementine or one large orange wedge
– Small handful cranberries (I used about 3 tablespoons)
– Ice (optional)

Add cranberries and orange slices to a glass and muddle. Pour in wine + seltzer and stir before serving. Top with ice if desired.

Photos by me


  1. 1

    Such a sweet idea! I used to do that with my buds in middle school actually. When I get a little group together, sangria is my go-to- love to change it up for the seasons!
    x0x0 Caroline

  2. 3

    My friends from high school and I have been doing a Secret Santa for years! It’s such a great tradition. We always do a fun gift exchange too, I’ll def bookmark this recipe to make for it :)

  3. 5

    Ooo, this looks so tasty, and I love the festive glasses!

  4. 7

    Love this! And anyway I can incorporate wine into a cocktail ;) Need to try this festive one!

    xo, Lauren

  5. 9

    This looks delicious + I love how festive the glasses are :)

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