A Perfect Home

Dream House

This is a bold statement, but I think I’ve found a nearly perfect home. This renovated English Tudor home has the perfect mix of modern and traditional elements that give it a fresh and airy, yet cozy and classic vibe. Some of the elements that stand out to me are the rattan chairs with plaid pillows (see above), the range of frame styles on the gallery wall, white bedding, and the small details (sconces, topiaries/flowers, coffee table books). If I could have one of each, please, and those hardwood floors…

Does anyone else have the hardest time reminding themselves that part of the envy stemming from photographed home tours comes from the specific staging aspects, like the flowers, lack of clutter, and perfectly positioned accents? No matter how organized you are, is keeping your home this impeccable really possible? Guessing this place has some killer storage and there was some major tidying done pre-shoot!

I’ve linked to some similar products below, though know it would take an interior designer (over myself) to replicate a place like this. This Salt Lake City couple and their designer nailed it– proof that patience is key and good things take time. Something we can all be reminded of sometimes, don’t ya think? :)

Dream House

Dream House



Dream House


Dream House

Dream House


Dream House


Dream House

Images via Lonny Magazine


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    Topiaries and monograms = my heaven! I think it’s because growing up, my mom always had topiaries around our house. Great finds :)


  2. 3

    I think you’re right, it does look pretty perfect!


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