Onward Reserve Georgetown

Onward Reserve, Georgetown

You know what makes an already good retailer even better? A really, really good storefront. Onward Reserve just opened a store in Georgetown and it’s truly a unique shopping experience– there’s legitimately a bar in the back, from which they serve beer and wine. Do I have your attention yet?

The store and website are filled with men’s clothing + lifestyle goods for the classic, modern male…except I still found myself wanting a solid 30 percent of the stock for myself. Fun fact: I love randomly buying things from the men or boys department (one of my favorite Patagonia pullovers is a boys 14-16…I bought it in high school and it still fits). Onward Reserve also carries my favorite razors (designed for men but amazing for women) and unisex accessories like needlepoint keychains, coffee table books, and candles.

Onward Reserve, Georgetown

Onward Reserve, Georgetown

Onward Reserve, Georgetown

Onward Reserve, Georgetown

The prettiest wall of shirts –especially since they’re blue! If only there was a women’s section too… this would be a case in which I’d be tempted to try the smallest men’s size and see how it fits. My boyfriend bought one of the Onward Reserve brand button downs and loved it so much that we went back this weekend so he could buy a second. They’re slim fit and have a little bit of stretch.

This store also has a huge wall of Smathers & Branson needlepoint belts + flasks and since Smathers & Branson is a local company, have a few more print options at the Georgetown store. Who else has considered taking up needlepoint but realized that it may entail biting off a little more than you can chew? (*raises hand*)

If you aren’t in the DC area, they do have a great online store with–wait for it… free shipping!!– aka my favorite thing, as you all know. Father’s Day shopping, anyone? Men, women shopping for men, or just women… it’s worth the trip either way and located almost directly across from one of my favorites, Dog Tag Bakery. Buying for the guys just got a little easier!

Onward Reserve, Georgetown

Onward Reserve, Georgetown

Photos by me

Full disclosure, this is not a sponsored post, but Onward Reserve reached out to tell me about the Georgetown store’s opening. I’d never heard of the brand but fell in love and had to share!


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    I’ve never heard of this shop before, but my dad would absolutely love this place! This is so his style. Thank you for sharing!


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