Cinco de Mayo Drinks Sans Fancy Ingredients

Easy Cinco de Mayo Drinks

Festive drinks and holidays go hand in hand…who doesn’t love attending a gathering where the food + libations are appropriately themed? One of the most frustrating things, though, is when you have to purchase multiple (often pricey) ingredients to form one concoction – and then get stuck with three obscure things that you’ll never use again. The better route? Stick with one or two types of liquor. Let’s be honest, those are the best kinds of leftovers!

With Cinco de Mayo tomorrow, I thought I’d share a couple of easy drink recipes that don’t include many elements. A  few bucks and a quick trip to the grocery store (and maybe the liquor store, if your stock is low) and you’re set. I’d use sliver tequila vs. gold tequila and when it comes to proportions, believe that estimation is the key to success. That does mean you have my permission to taste test/sample along the way! If you’re up for a little more of an involved process/more ingredients, Victoria’s go-to recipe has been on my to-try list for awhile and this St. Germain Marg looks wonderful!

At the end of the day, I’d still definitely  consider myself to be a bartending newbie…anyone with a little more experience swear by any easy go-to recipes we should all have on hand?

Image credits: Cocktail 1 via Elizabeth Graeber; cocktails 3 and 5 via The BBar; cocktail 2 via Evelyn Henson; cocktail 4 via Hayley Sharplin


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    Obsessed with the graphic!! I’m all about the simple cocktail – especially when tequila is involved. Happy Monday, girl!

  2. 3

    Cinco de drinko! LOVE this graphic, you are so talented! We need to try that St. Germain marg ASAP.

    xo katie // a touch of teal

  3. 5

    i love these suggestions! i do love a good (& simple) tequila cocktail :)


    A.Viza Style


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