3 Instagram Accounts to Follow

3 Instagrams to Follow


Within the realm of social media, Instagram is easily my favorite platform. I legitimately consider myself to be bad at Twitter and average at Facebook. Instagram however, I’m excited about and really want to get better at (that sounds bad. I want to get better at all three, but it’s what I’m most enthusiastic about investing time into). There’s just something so fun and uniquely creative in capturing a moment of your life and trying to present it in a way that reflects your taste and personality.

You may remember this post from last year, where I discussed some of my favorite Insta accounts. Well, I’ve since discovered a couple more (and Victoria’s, which I can’t believe I didn’t include last time). The B Bar asked who our three favorite instagrammers are and so, here ya go. I have a lot of favorites, but these are up there right now. And yeah… a dog made the list. But she’s the cutest, I promise! And if you want to know two of the feeds that inspire me the most, it’s Victoria’s and Ali’s :)

Victoria McGinley (@victoriamstudio_): I’ve been following Victoria’s feed for awhile and to me, it fully embodies the word “inspiration.” It’s like an inspiration board on Instagram. From pics of her little pup Lucy to the simplest flowers photographed in a unique light, I just get motivated to do better when I see these pictures. To go decorate, cook something yummy, and pay closer attention to my surroundings. Also, as odd as this may sound, Victoria’s feed totally matches her personality. I met her this past summer (and left feeling incredibly motivated/encouraged) and her Instagram just fits with her bubbly, artistically-inclined personality. Also, her photo editing/filtering skills are TOP.NOTCH.

Alison Vinciguerra (@ali_vinciguerra): Four words: classic, New England, happy, and inspiring. Ali’s Instagram makes me want to move to Rhode Island like, now. I went once and fell in love with the state. She and her husband just built their own house and have a serious knack for decorating, which is one of my favorite subjects on Insta. Another thing to be admired? The amount of natural light in her photos. So.jealous. I’m not normally a fan of lots of baby pics on social media, but actually don’t mind them on Ali’s feed because her adorable son has so much personality and is really just the cutest nug…who also dresses well at the ripe age of like two months old. Oh, and Ali went to Georgetown so there’s a smattering of DC throughout :)

Noodle Larkin (@noodleinthecity): I debated whether or not to deviate from the… humans, for lack of a better word… but Noodle made me do it. I mean honestly, this is one of my favorite Instagram accounts because of how this little pup makes me (and all my friends I’ve told her about) smile on a daily basis. Doesn’t she have the best life? I wasn’t particularly a dachshund fan until I came across NoodleKelly, if you ever find yourself in DC and need a babysitter, let me know!

Be sure to check out the other ladies who are sharing their three favorites! It’s time to find some new accounts to follow :) Here’s mine! What are some of your picks? Feel free to comment!

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  1. 10

    Oh that dog!!!!!

  2. 11

    I love a puppy Instagram :) :) and TOTALLY agree about Victoria’s IG – one of my favorites!!

  3. 12

    I love that you included a dog’s account! So cute!

    Alyssa J Freitas

  4. 13

    Great recommendations. I really like Victoria’s photos. And cool meeting you via this link up!

  5. 14

    Ahhh love your picks & I would agree, Victoria’s feed is pretty inspiring! xx

  6. 15

    Many of my favorite Instagrammers are cats, so I don’t blame you for having a dog on the list :). Noodle is very cute. I totally agree about Victoria’s account – it really reflects her personality and is very inspiring!

  7. 17

    I love Alison’s photographs! Such a great blog, too. I live in LA but that doesn’t stop me from loving everything with that New England feel, too. :)

    Always, Anita

  8. 18

    These are awesome! You can never gone wrong with a cute puppy popping up in your feed :-)! Great picks and thanks for sharing!

  9. 19

    Noodle is adorable! I love Instagram accounts of the furry kind. I’ve started one for my pups, but it’s hard enough to update one account, let alone two! Also agree about Victoria. I love Lucy sightings!

  10. 21

    I am such a sucker for dog grams!

  11. 22

    OMG that puppy!! so cute :-)

  12. 23

    You definitely can’t go wrong following Victoria!

  13. 25

    Love the picks! I don’t really follow animals on Instagram, but OMG! Noodle is so cute!

    Connie | Sponsored by Coffee | Bloglovin’

  14. 26

    OMG Noodle is the best thing that’s ever happened to me!! So toot!!

    So happy to have found you through the link up, beautiful site!

    :) Amber

  15. 28

    I love that a puppy made the list! Noodle is super cute! xo

  16. 29

    LOVE that you included a non-human in your top 3! So cute. And Victoria is one of my favorites too. She has such an eye for style!

  17. 30

    Totally agree with you on Victoria’s Instagram feed. She’s so good at the balance between real and “perfect” too! Happy to have found your blog through the link up…

  18. 31

    Oh, the Noodle Larkin account is fabulous – that gorgeous dachshund! Seeing those photos only makes me more determined to get a dog. Now I just need to persuade my husband (I know the boys will be on my side!).

  19. 32

    Awww, thank you so much for listing me! Totally flattered. I usually feel like I am still trying to up my Insta game and figure it all out, so I’m definitely blushing over here :)

  20. 33

    Love the puppy account! So adorable!

  21. 34

    That dog is just the cutest little thing!!! Off to show my boyfriend (we’re looking at getting a dog soon.) Great linking up with you!

  22. 35

    OMG I love Noodle’s instagram (Kelly’s is great too). Awesome picks!

  23. 37

    Oh my goodness – Noodles! Too cute :)

  24. 38

    Just followed noodleinthecity, I can’t resist a wiener dog!

  25. 39

    That pup!! You should check out @opheliaofficial as well!

  26. 41

    Oh- animal instagram accounts- my guilty pleasure!


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