Peppermint Chocolate Pie


This recipe is my go-to dessert recipe for both my own chocolate cravings and for any sort of dinner event where I’m cooking something. It’s so simple to make and looks way fancier than it really is. I made this on Sunday for a little gathering with my girlfriends (more recipes to come!) and it was a huge hit. If you’re scrambling for a last minute holiday dessert recipe, seriously, make this. It will put a smile on allll your guest’s faces and make for some very clean plates at the end of the night! If you’re not aiming for seasonal, skip on the peppermint and load up on the chocolate, or top with your favorite sugary treat! Reese’s, M&Ms, gummy worms…you really can’t go wrong!


1 graham cracker pie crust

1 package chocolate pudding mix (I used the 3.4 oz Jello brand; you also need milk for this)

Cool Whip

Crushed candy canes

Chocolate chips/ milk chocolate


Have graham cracker pie crust ready. Prepare pudding according to package instructions and immediately pour into graham cracker crust.

Refrigerate pie for at least one hour. Spread thin (or thick) layer of Cool Whip over the entire pie. Top with crushed candy canes and chocolate chips. I chopped up some chocolate chips into little slivers and used those!



  1. […] – Today is apparently the day of me sharing embarrassing tidbits from my past, but I’ll just go with it. Back when I first started taking piano lessons, around the age of 10, my piano teacher would have us break down the words “chocolate pie” into “choc-oh-late pie” and play a stream of four notes to the rhythm when we struggled with various bits of music. While this totally worked musically, it also made me crave chocolate pie at least once a week. Usually more, because I wasn’t very good at playing the piano and had to “choc-oh-late pie” multiple times a lesson. Modern day connection: here’s a chocolate pie recipe, as seen on Cup of Jo, that looks too good to pass up (my usual go-to is my simple one, last seen here). […]

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