Friday Things


Happy happy Fridayyy. I’m happy to say that I had finally had my first snow day of the season yesterday…. which just meant working remotely… still nice, and it’s certainly going to make going back into the office a little easier this morning. The weekend agenda includes two barre classes, a night in, a night with friends, and a long to-do list with mostly fun things on it. So overall, things are looking good. It’s supposed to be in the mid-fifties next week, which is kind of hard to believe right now. With my trip to Germany in a couple of weeks and what was probably the last major snowfall behind us, it’s kind of scary how fast 2015 is already moving! A little light on links this week, but hopefully you’ll enjoy these!

Any exciting plans on your end? This seems to be a transitional time when everyone is taking off to tropical destinations to regroup and recharge. Whatever you’re up to, have a wonderful weekend! :)

Of note…

– Fellow travel lovers, the dollar is strong meaning hotels and other expenses can be a steal… here are the best places to visit while the dollar is still strong. Scandinavia is looking pretty appealing…

– I’ve talked about Inslee and Roxy on here a bunch (and their suitemate Katie will undoubtably be making an appearance too), but did you know that the three ladies share this incredible studio in NYC? I’ve been stalking following their decorating process via Instagram and in addition to the gorgy popup shop they had over the holidays. Read Real Simple Lifestylers is sharing a little inside scoop to their studio –known as 73 Spring Street– and the girls + their companies. It’s a fun read and is of course, very inspiring.

– Apparently dessert is disappearing from American dinner tables? News to me, as this is not (and never will be) the case in my home. What a surprise!

– My favorite cashmere sweater is on sale for $40!! The one in this outfit post. I love this sweater and just double sized up for a slouchier fit( I got a large this time and the one I currently own is medium, which is a regular fitted look). I’ve been wanting some looser cashmere but didn’t want to spend too much on it, so problem solved. I got the pale blue, which will be great with dark jeans, white jeans, and with white shorts on chilly night :) It also comes in crewneck.

– Raise your hand if you want one of these towers. *raises hand emoji* Talk about living the high life… I don’t even have a bar cart.

Image via with modifications by Monica Dutia for Cake & Lilies

Things I Love Thursday

Shop Feathered

I’m changing things up a little bit for this Things I Love Thursday post. Honestly, I haven’t been browsing retailers online much lately. I’m not really sure why… Most of my shopping has been for investment basics like a new winter coat, so I guess I haven’t spent the time passively scrolling through my normal crew ( J.Crew, Nordstrom, Gap, Tuckernuck, etc.). And that’s felt really good, actually. It’s definitely resulted in far less $$ impulsively spent and I’ve instead discovered some really amazing small shops/boutiques that I can’t wait to gradually share with you. The first is Feathered Home, which based out my hometown of Dallas. So obviously, brownie points there :) Victoria posted this wine rack from them earlier this week and I’m already hooked.

Let me just start by saying that one of my favorite parts about perusing the webz is finding little boutiques and shops that not only carry unique, beautiful products, but also prioritize design as part of their overall business model. You know, when the website looks good, the brand is on point, the colors flow perfectly, etc. I guess it shouldn’t be surprising that Feathered Home fits all of the above, as Kelly and her mom founded the boutique (cute, right?) and Kelly literally has her own creative design studio. The shop is filled with a modestly-priced selection of home decor, jewelry, and stationery. The earrings and blue + white vases are probably my current favorites (these dogs too, but they’re unfortunately sold out) – I’m certainly going to be keeping tabs on the selection as it changes and as I get further into some of the redecorating I want to do around my apartment.

This has me thinking, does anyone else just sometimes itch to revamp and replace the most basic pieces in their home? Seeing things like this beautiful bowl, colander, and wine rack make me want to do just that and ditch the generic things we have right now!


Note Card Set // Blue + White Vases // Large Bowl // Salsa, Hummus, Olive Bowls // Earrings

Evelyn Henson Map Prints

Evelyn Henson Map Prints

Many of you probably know by now that I love maps. It’s not just because I was a geography major in undergrad or know much about cartography… I think it’s just a combination of a love for travel and the way a map somehow makes the whole world feel accessible at your fingertips in such a beautiful way. I can definitely see myself being one of those people with an enormous vintage globe collection in a library full of books in 40 years…

If you’re a fan of art, prints, or maps –who doesn’t at least love at least one of those– you must check out Evelyn Henson’s work. Her signature map prints are everything… she’s constantly adding cities, so hopefully you can find your hometown/favorite place to visit. They’re whimsical, charming, and give you the warm and fuzzies for the place that means something do you. Don’t you think they would make the best gifts, too? (Side note: I sometimes feel like this blog is Ha!). They’re just $25 for an 8×10 which fits in a standard, budget frame (check out the Ikea Ribba collection). A set of four would look so cute in an entryway wall. Also, one of my favorite parts about small biz owners is learning about how they got started. Evelyn stumbled into painting by accident, which is really inspiring for someone like me who like to fiddle around with a paint brush and canvas from time to time. Annie also interviewed her, if you’re interested in a little more behind the scenes.

Oh and while we’re at it, definitely check out the rest of her pieces… I’m partial to the journals but the rest of her prints, phone cases, and mugs are worth a look :)

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