My Favorite Summer Dress

Persifor Riveria dress

We’re definitely in sandals and shift dress season (time to re-break in all our favorite sandals, ugh!) and I’m so excited to share this outfit with you guys because it features what is hands down my favorite summer dress, ever. Not only is it blue + white, but it’s also a shift, which is pretty much the most flattering and forgiving silhouette–the most comfortable when the temperatures and humidity rise. It’s safe to say that I’m pretty much obsessed, and I’d imagine may of you are, too!

Friday Things

You know those weekends where you have just the right amount planned and know you’ll have time to a) relax b) cross things off the to-do list (a big trip to the hardware store, consigning some clothes, etc.) and c) still probably be able to do something impromptu if the mood strikes? That’s what the next two days look like for me, and I’m so excited! The only downside is that I’m adding GRE studying to the agenda for the next 1.5 months, but it’s nice being able to do that on my own schedule and from the comfort of the couch sometimes, ya know?

This week was a fun one…it got exceptionally hot really fast (ugh) but I made it to the gym twice, had dinner with some girlfriends on Tuesday, and stopped by Tuckernuck last night. Alex from Persifor (one of my all-time favorite brands…stay tuned for Monday’s post!) and Sydney (whose blog I’ve been following for awhile) were there, and Mary and I grabbed dinner on the Georgetown waterfront after!

Any fun plans to get in the summery mood this weekend? Can we talk about how NUTS it is that Memorial Day is less than 10 days away? Wooof.


I just placed a large Banana order (not planning on keeping everything, but ordered multiple sizes in things to get to $200 so I could get 40% off #noshame)–I’ll report back, but am particularly excited about this top (thanks to Meg posting it on Instastories this morning!) and this one in navy + white…I mean, swoon!


– I’m always down to try a new variation on pimento cheese, so this recipe naturally got pinned!

– Fellow bloggers, here are 10 things you can do (in 30 minutes or less!) to help your blog.

– I have this bad (immature?) habit of typically buying rose based on the label + branding, so need to refer to Jess’ guide of 10 varieties this summer.

– Peaches have always been one of my favorite fruits, and I’m itching to make this frozen peach cake some time this summer. It also just looks really beautiful, which doesn’t hurt!

– Bookmarking this list of the best library bars in the world.

– Breakfast breads/muffins are some of my favorite things to make (we just made zucchini bread this week!), so these blueberry coffee cake muffins seem like a no-brainer :)

Joanna Baker has the prettiest prints + paper goods, and she’s currently having a sale! I’m kind of obsessed with these spotted coasters


– The giveaway is still on! You can win a set of three SCOUT Bags just in time for summer :)

Recapping the Create & Cultivate conference from two weekends ago… a great one for bloggers + creatives, and a fun peek behind the scenes if you’re generally interested in the industry!

– Sharing a few snippets from a rainy Friday in NYC (basically telling you about three great places to eat next time you’re in the city, including a new fav Tex-Mex establishment).

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NYC Snapshots

Jack's Wife Freda NYC

I wanted to share a few snaps from my trip to NYC a couple of weeks ago–as you know, it was a quick one. Katie and I went for the Create & Cultivate conference so this post is pretty much some random bits from Friday (re-reading it, it’s all food-related..haha). You can read more about the conference here, if you’re interested!