Friday Things

Friday Things

It feels weird to talk about fall when it’s over 80 degrees outside, so here are some pumpkins instead.

I’m gearing up for a fun weekend in Richmond with Katie! We’re staying at the newly renovated Jefferson Hotel and are planning to explore the city and hit up a cidery on Saturday. Despite living in DC for five years total (one being seven months during college), I’ve never been to Richmond and am excited to check it out! People who are from there or have lived there always have so much city pride that I’m pretty sure it’s actually really underrated :) If you have any recommendations, please send them my way!

SHOPPING: The time of year when allll the summer stuff is super marked down yet all you want to do is shop for fall…but you know I love a good deal, so here are a bunch of warm weather finds that make sense to buy now and wear later, because you’ll thank yourself a few months from now.


– I want to try Hitha’s recipe for an egg roll bowl–a deconstructed version of one of my favs? Yes, please!

– If you’re looking to up your photography game and don’t know where to start, bookmark Katie’s post on DSLR photography–it’s really digestible and thorough for bloggers and non-bloggers alike!

– Croatia is a country I’ve been wanting to visit for years (before it was trendy, I swear)…I did a homestay in northern Italy on the Slovenian border the summer before my freshman year of high school, and we were talking about making it to Croatia but were too tight on time to have it work out. Anyway, it’s seemingly turned into the place to go (thanks in part to GoT) and if it isn’t on your travel destination wishlist, it will be now! Everyone I know who has been said only good things, so fingers crossed we can make it happen in the next couple of years.

– The pot de crème at Le Diplomate is hands down my favorite dessert in DC, yet I’ve never even tried to make a version of this dessert on my own at home! May need to start with this hot chocolate pot de crème recipe.

– Andddd one more fall recipe for ya: this honeycrisp pandowdy. I’ve never even heard of a pandowdy before but it looks and sounds amazing so we’re going to give it a try (ideally post-apple picking!)

All-you-can-fly from NYC to Paris? Not a joke!

Five Instagram mistakes hindering blogging growth–a must read if you’re a blogger.


Some of my tried and true fall favorites and why they belong in your wardrobe.

Five of my most used blogging tools–they save me so much time and stress!

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What to Buy From L.L. Bean Right Now

What to buy from L.L. Bean this fall

Those of you who regularly read this blog or know me in real life know that my love for L.L. Bean is…a thing. It’s kind of random that someone who spent her entire life up to the age of 19 in Dallas would end up developing such an affinity for an outdoorsy company based in Maine–the only thing I really knew about the state was that the Bush family spent time in Kennebunkport and our neighbor’s grandparents had a house nearby–but over the past few years I’ve grown to stock my wardrobe (and my home) with a surprisingly large quantity of pieces from this iconic American brand. For someone whose definition of “outdoorsy” was a week-long sleepaway camp (which in my defense, was actually very outdoorsy and I must have been really different back then), they quickly made me into a lifetime customer.

Five Blogging Tools I Love

5 Essential Blogging Tools

Kicking off this Monday with a productive post on blogging tools I’ve been relying on as of late! I’ve been using these for anywhere from six months to three years, and really can’t recommend them enough. There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes of maintaining a blog, and having a small arsenal of apps and software to make things run more smoothly makes a world of difference when it comes to organization and efficiency. I initially resisted getting some of these because of the cost (only one is free) but like they say, time is money and these save a lot of time. Bloggers, hopefully you find something useful in here and those of you who aren’t bloggers, hopefully you enjoy a look behind the scenes!