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Happy last day of September, friends! It’s been cooler (yay) and rainy (kind of yay, minus sinus headaches) over here the past few days, which has been a nice excuse to embrace leggings, throw blankets, and autumn candles. A friend is visiting so we’re doing brunch on Saturday, and I’m heading to the Nats game that afternoon. Rest of the weekend is TBD, which is hard for a planner like me…but a good reason to try and let the little things go :) Whatever you’re up to, have a safe + fun weekend!


– A gin tasting PLUS an afternoon tea? AND in London?!

Jenn was on the Draper James blog this week…killin’ it (and looking adorable doing so)!!

– Kind of weird, but ever wondered why you can’t tickle yourself? Here’s the (scientific) reason.

– I feel like I link to Jackie’s blog every week but she has the most thoughtful, insightful, and frequently helpful posts in the realm of photography, blogging, and décor. For anyone wanting to learn a little more about photography, this post isn’t overwhelming and is a good one to bookmark!

A 20 minute tomato soup recipe to file away for these colder months–just add a grilled cheese!

– Another recipe I want to make…this simple but yummy looking skillet goat cheese appetizer. I really want to get more comfortable cooking with a skillet but hate that you can’t wash it with dish soap!

– Don’t miss the last day of the Kate Spade Surprise Sale…lots of goodies, especially in the fall bag category. Seriously love this little crossbody (looks like it may fit a DSLR, too), this bag looks way over $100, and this classic two-toned watch is perfect for daily wear.


– It’s been awhile since one of these…a little bit of what’s been going on around here, since we’re into fall now!

An outfit that works just as well for the office as it does on the weekends (with the most beautiful leather crossbody, too).

Talking about my favorite travel credit card + the whole rewards thing…why I swear by them and never use my debit!

– Naturally I amped up the browsing once my month-long shopping hiatus came to a close and found nine fall things to share (two of which I just bought!).

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I’m Loving


I just went a month without shopping (August 22 after the Lilly sale-September 23, to be precise) and pretty much wasn’t even browsing for things during that time. Why tempt yourself, ya know? The month actually wasn’t so bad and for someone’s whose really bad at exercising self control, I’m feeling pretty happy with it!

Anyway, now that the spending freeze is over, it’s time to browse shop! Here are nine fall-ish things I’m loving right now (more detailed posts on some of my favorites–including flannels–to come, since that’s something I can’t possible narrow down!).

Superga Sneakers – TWO: Barbour Scarf – THREE: RETROSUPERFUTURE Sunglasses (on sale!) – FOUR: J.Crew Sweater Blazer – FIVE: bkr Water Bottle – SIX: J.Crew Factory Flats (on sale!) – SEVEN: Biren & Co. Candle EIGHT: J.Crew Leather Booties – NINE: Saint James Shirt

Optimizing Credit Card Rewards

How to Optimize Credit Card Rewards

Sooo a kind of random but interesting topic for today…credit cards. Many of you likely have one or two, unless you’re team debit card. I didn’t really use mine until post-college but as soon as I turned into an “adult,” quickly started paying attention to points, cash back and all of that stuff. Basically this post is a bit of a brain dump because it’s like a compilation of conversations I’ve had with others + tips I’ve traded friends. It’s really just the tip of the iceberg and is what I personally have experience with (there are so many cards on the market, and this isn’t a comparison of all of them). Hopefully some of you find this helpful and fun, too!