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Layers for Fall






I love Pinterest this time of year (except for moments like these) and particularly enjoy perusing the season’s style as seen on bloggers, in street style, in company ads, etc. There are always substantially more classics in a fall/winter wardrobe, and for someone like myself who stays away from most trends, I love the idea of shaking up my style a bit without straying far from the pieces I already own (and without getting out of my comfort zone. Which has actually been expanding a bit…thanks blogging!). I also love that since layering is key when it’s cold out, you can still wear some of your skirts and tanks with tights and cardigans to be seasonally appropriate. This is something I’m particular cognizant about when investing in staple pieces… if you’re going to be able to wear a silk shirt year round, it’s a little more acceptable to indulge. Disclaimer: The exception, however, is good quality winter wear. I firmly believe that if you have the means, it’s worth splurging on a coat, all-weather boots, a pair of leather boots, a couple of nice sweaters, and a few pairs of thick socks that won’t get holes right away.

One look in particular that I’m eager to embrace more this year is the skirt/sweater combo. It’s great for a biz cas work environment and can look surprisingly professional when paired with the right tall boots or booties. And speaking of tall boots, a style I love but haven’t mustered up the courage to try out myself? The over-the-knee boot. Also, earmuffs. Am I the only person who desperately wants to look good in them but ends up looking weird and ridiculous? At least we all have our security blankets: leggings, scarves, cable knit/fisherman’s sweaters, riding boots, fleeces for me! #comforting — literally.

What are some of your favorite styles/pieces for this time of year? Anything you see but absolutely hate? I’d love to know!

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Outfit: Indian Summer

Fall Transition

DC Architecture

DC Architecture

Fall Transition

DC Architecture

Fall Transition

With all this talk of fall (and whole reality that it technically is fall), you’d think the temps would be in the 60s, at least! Not at all the case, actually… it was in the upper 80s this past weekend. The boyfriend and I took a nice/warm long walk to the zoo and had what was probably our last al fresco dinner of the year. Despite having been so preoccupied with complaining about the unseasonably warm temps, I was surprisingly content not to be donning my fall wardrobe!

One thing I’m eager to do more of when it turns cooler is explore more neighborhoods in the city with my camera in tow. DC has some of the most gorgeous architecture (a brief glimpse seen in the photos above/ have you seen photos of Georgetown?) and is of course, extremely walkable. Jackie has done a lot of posts featuring long walks around of NYC with her camera, and I’m excited to do the same in my own city. Having grown up where walking everywhere just isn’t an option, it’s taken me awhile to fully embrace the fact that a Saturday afternoon can be spent strolling around the city, camera in hand, and ending with a delicious dinner.

Do you have any particular places you’re eager to explore this season? For those of you who are local, I’d love to hear your favorite spots!

J.Crew Tee // J.Crew Skirt (old) // Jack Rogers Sandals // L.L. Bean Tote

Quilted Vests

One of the best things you can have in your wardrobe for fall + winter is a quilted vest. It’s funny that I say this because I personally don’t have one of these, but rather just own this fleece one (which I love… it’s just a different type of staple). Quilted vests can be dressed up or down and help keep you warm on even the coldest of days. Growing up, I was always instructed that having your chest area insulated is the best way to keep your body warm and protected during the winter. Since you can wear vests over sweaters, flannels, button downs, crewnecks, et al., plus layer them under additional outerwear, they’re extremely practical, versatile pieces for your wardrobe.

While a quilted vest is frequently pricier than a chunky sweater or thick cardigan, having one or two in your closet is, in my opinion, well worth the cost. To shop my picks from above, either click on the “+” next to each image or use the links below. If non-quilted vests are more up your alley, I’ve included a few of my favs in the slideshow below (and a couple more quilted options) – PLUS, some picks for the guys, too!

P.S. This post is yet another follow up of this post… for more of my fall picks, see: lightweight jackets, striped shirts, and riding boots.

J.Crew Factory Herringbone Vest ($108)
L.L. Bean Quilted Riding Vest ($109)
J.Crew Excursion Quilted Vest ($120)
Old Navy Quilted Zip-Front Vest ($35) – (Old Navy has lots of great quilted vest styles!)
Gap Fur Trim Puffer Vest ($80)