A Guide to Buying Bean Boots

Everything You Need to Know About Bean Boots

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Guide to Buying Bean Boots

Guide to Buying Bean Boots

Guide to Buying Bean Boots

I’ve raved about Bean Boots many a times on this blog, so it only makes sense to dedicate a post to some questions I’ve heard in regards to whether the boots are worth it, what style/height to get, etc. I’m no expert – especially since I’m a southerner who’s first “real fall” was a mere 5 years ago – but after trying another winter boot for a couple of years prior, I made the switch my junior year and will never go back. The Bean Boot is largely responsible for the start of my love affair with L.L. Bean, and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Are they worth it?
YES! They last for a long, long time. Trust me! Many of my friends’ parents who have braved many winters in the northeast are still using the same pair they purchased decades ago. Another perk: L.L. Bean also guarantees all their products for life. I’ve had my boots for three years and they’re still in tip top shape (minus the foot liner that keeps sliding out, but that’s an easy fix).

What style and height should I get?
The 6″ and 8″ both function similarly, but I opted for the 8″ because I prefer boots that cut a bit higher. They’re also a good height to wear with tall, thick socks and added height = added protection from the weather. Style/model wise, I got the Gore-Tex/Thinsulate 8″ to combat the upstate NY winters (note that the Gore-Tex is not available in the 6″). I personally have no problem wearing them in less freezing temps even though they’re so insulated; if you anticipate being in a very snowy climate, I say spring for the Gore-Tex Thinsulate. If not (or if you’re looking to save some $), the regular pair can be made warmer when need be by simply wearing a thick pair of socks (I love these).

Are they waterproof?
Yep! I generally wear my rainboots on rainy days, but plenty of people play double duty with their Bean Boots. It’s part of what makes them so versatile!

Are they comfortable?
Yes – and way more so than I expected. I can walk loooong distances in these boots; they’re one of the most comfortable pairs of shoes I own. They’re also much lighter weight-wise than you might guess given their appearance.

What about for the guys?
They’re just as practical for girls as they are for guys! And look prettttty good with some corduroys or chinos if you ask me!

Do they come in multiple styles?
Yes they do, in lots of styles – you can view them all here (for men & women!).

Can I wear them with “normal” clothes?
Absolutely! I was fortunate enough to go to a school where snow boots were part of a daily uniform (otherwise you’d 100% end up with an ice slipping-related injury), so I’m maybe a little too “anything goes” in this area. Obviously wearing them with a formal dress will look a bit silly, but in addition to pairing them with jeans or leggings, skirts and casual dresses can be great options. If you feel ridiculous, just remember, they are intended to protect you from the weather, so as long as it’s cold or chilly, people generally assume you’re just dressing for the climate.

I hope this was helpful…if you have any other questions, feel free to comment below or send me an email! I’m no expert, but I’ll certainly try to help :) Anyone else just as obsessed as I am?!

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Friday Things


Helllooo Friday! You’re looking a lot like fall! I transitioned my closet to fall/winter clothing (i.e. squeezed all my summer clothes/shoes into the minimal storage we have) and can’t wait to get to work on the massive piles of sweaters I’ve apparently accumulated. What’s on your agenda this weekend? I’m planning to go to spinning, a fun work event, am having a few friends over for snacks + drinks, and am going to brunch. A lot, but in a good way! Whatever you may be up to, I hope it’s full of fall-ey activities and fun :)

Jacquelyn is what I like to call a down-to-earth culinary genius. She not only sounds like the sweetest person in the world, but she posts the most.temping. recipes. of. all. time. Don’t believe me? Did you see her 2-ingredient Oreo Cookie Butter recipe? I thought so.

– I was on Dana’s blog last week chatting about work appropriate clothes! Check it out…interviews are fun :)

Kate Spade is having it’s Friends & Fam sale and taking 30% off your entire purchase! I know we may all have splurged on other Friends & Family sales over the past couple of weeks, but this is one of the better ones I’ve seen. My picks: this watch, this iPhone case, my favorite ring is under $25, I may finally bite bullet and snag this crossbody, the brand new coffee table book, and this show-stopping dress. Use code F14FFUS and shipping is free, too!

– All you NYC readers may want to bookmark this… I know I am for a future visit! Restaurants with the most affordable wines

– Much like Jacquelyn, I’m always dying to try Kate’s recipes (they’ve been mentioned on here many a times, if she sounds familiar!). This Blueberry Basil Smash sounds like an easy crowd-pleaser and contains three of my favorites: basil, blueberries, and rum.

– Apparently I do not store many of my groceries properlydo you?

– DC friends, check out this list of the best brunches in the city based on various occasions/needs! I can vouch for Ted’s Bulletin (remember this?) and Cava Mezze (this?) and I’m dying to try basically all of these, specifically Blue Duck Tavern and The Bombay Club.

– This week only, everything at Loren Hope is 15% off! I’ve raved about my Sarra Cuff a lot over here and a lot of her pieces never go on sale, so now’s the time to strike! For a splurge, I love this and these and for something more budget-friendly, am partial to this and this.

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Things I Love Thursday


I say this sometimes, but this may be one of my favorite roundups yet! Eep!

ONE// kate spade new york: places to go, people to see: This book just skyrocketed to the top of my coffee table book list (I have one…it’s a Google Doc. Please don’t judge!). I’m currently poring over Erin’s new book
— it’s phenomenal — but know that my bookshelf wants this one next. I have Kate Spade’s other coffee table book, Things We Love, and it’s filled with gorgeous colors, images, text..everything. It exudes the brand’s vibe in the best of ways and I have no doubt that this new book will do the same!
TWO// L.L. Bean Bean Boots: I should basically put Bean Boots on TILT every week, because I will love them forever. Sizes and styles start to sell out around this time, so consider purchasing soon if you haven’t already. I have the Gore-Tex version because upstate winters were f.r.i.g.i.d, but you can definitely save a few bucks and get the more basic pair.
THREE// Everlane Cashmere Sweater: I’ve said it before, but Everlane is one of my favorite “new” brands. Clean lines and fantastic marketing + high-quality items and transparency. Did you see this from yesterday? Pretty much a dream. Their cashmere sweaters are calling my name (I have a few t-shirts but am planning to branch out soon), and I love the range of colors available for both the crewneck and v-neck styles.
FOUR// J.Crew Cocoon Coat: J.Crew’s famous cocoon coat is back and still in stock! It comes in a bunch of colors (there are more on Factory), and I think it works well for many different styles and outfits. Winter coats should be versatile and this one fits the bill.
FIVE// Lilly Pulitzer Dress: Here’s proof that Lilly isn’t just for the summer! I actually wear two of my dresses even more in the winter than I do the summer because they’re dark and go really well with boots and tights. This one’s a beauty and under $100!
SIX// Jack Rogers Boots: Jack Rogers, why do you do everything right? They’re not just about sandals, friends! These boots are perfection with their scalloped edges. They’re clean and sleek, as I believe all riding boots should be!
SEVEN// C. Wonder Clutch: While I fully admit to being on a clutch kick right now, the top contenders for my neutral-clutch-to-be are a little pricey. I’ve been looking for something to tide me over in the meantime and the timing of this C. Wonder clutch could not have been better. Both whimsical + classical, a great price (under $30!), $5 shipping (a huge deal for C. Wonder), and the perfect composition to double as a pouch in a larger bag if need be. Considering how large a part neutrals and solids as a whole play in my closet, I’m excited to incorporate this subtle pattern!
EIGHT// Zara Home Eye Mask: I never thought I’d be one to want an eye mask to sleep in, but I guess it’s true when they say your preferences change with age. Verdict is still out on whether I could actually sleep in the thing, but I like the idea of completely blocking out light and having silk over my eyes … not to mention how helpful it would be for traveling!

And don’t forget to check out the Shopbop sale if you haven’t already! 25% off your purchase ends today at midnight. It doesn’t sound like much, but when you can snag pieces that aren’t normally on sale, it’s a great deal :) My picks, here!