Striped Tank + Blazer

Navy blazer and striped top

Happy Wednesday, friends! It finally kind of feels like spring, and that’s about the time of year when I start wearing blazers more regularly because depending on the temperature variation in a day, blazers typically mean you don’t need outerwear! This particular one sold out in most sizes almost immediately, but there are still a couple in the sale section. The good news is that I think they knew how popular it was and I actually saw some black ones in store a few weeks ago. Fingers crossed for at least next fall! If you do snag one, go down by at least one size (I’m wearing an XS and am usually a 6 in blazers.)

Best Places to Buy Striped Tees

Where to buy striped tees

It probably doesn’t come as any surprise that the tops I reach for most in my closet are striped. They’re easy, comfortable, come in nearly every color you could want, and match with most things, not to mention have remained effortlessly stylish over the years. Since I wear my striped tees all the time (we’re talking at least 2x/week, to both work and outside of the office), I’ve tried my fair share of brands + retailers and wanted to share! Note that I’m partial to 3/4 or long sleeves for most of the year, but generally take that back when it’s 95 and humid by the time August rolls around…

Friday Things

You know those weeks when Thursday feels like Wednesday but it’s not and then Friday sneaks up and it’s great but your days/times are all messed up? That’s totally how the past few days were for me…I was home sick on Wednesday, and didn’t realize Thursday was yesterday until part way through the day. Sooo TGIF! Keeping it short and sweet today as we’re getting ready to move next week–I’m kind of moving stuff twice (more on that later), so am gearing up to do some heavy lifting in the 75 degree (what?) weather tomorrow. Hope you had a great first week of spring and have a great weekend ahead!!

SHOPPING: I haven’t bought a new swimsuit in four years and am going to try and make this the year that one works out without costing a fortune! Just ordered and this and this from the Crew since they’re having 30% off  with code HAPPYSPRING, which ends today (and swimsuits ship free!). Fingers crossed! Also can’t remember if I mentioned this, but Old Navy makes great PJ shorts–they’re cheap and 100% cotton. I picked up a couple pairs last week and wear them to bed on repeat.



Love this spring look on Diana! Makes the “it” bag of the season look even better!

– I’m not huge on beauty videos because I don’t end up knowing (or care to know) what half the products or techniques are, but Liz’s simple routine is so digestible and accessible that I bookmarked it for future reference, too. The video is also hilarious and she’s great. I picked up this Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer with SPF.

– Speaking of beauty, Nordstrom is currently hosting their Spring Beauty Trend events around the country–the big show at Pentagon City in Arlington is tomorrow morning! I love that “polished nudes” is a trend (no surprise given my love for Liz’s video above)–whether or not you plan on going in person (which you should, if you can…it’s really cool and kind of like “Nordstrom after hours”),  you can shop the trends online.

– Finland has always been on my travel bucket list, but it is even more so thanks to Mackenzie’s trip recap. Anyone else really also always wanted to stay in the “igloo hotel”?

– Raise your hand if you’re also one of those people who crave burgers more than you should…this one’s for you! I’m always open to non-frozen veggie burger alternatives, and definitely want to experiment with using tzatziki sauce as a topping.

– This off-the-shoulder + fringe + pretty pink and white top was pretty much made for Ashlee! How cute does she look?


A goat cheese bruschetta recipe that’s so simple and crowd-pleasing, you’ll want to make it for potlucks to come.

– First barelegged post of the season! Wearing  navy + white (of course) and my new wedge sandals.

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