Stripes in Newport

Banana Republic Striped One-Shoulder Top

Dare I say this may be my favorite outfit shoot, ever? Guess that’s what happens when you shoot on the most perfectly overcast days in one of the most beautiful parts of New England! I’m back from a fun weekend trip to Newport, RI–Ashlee and I + our boyfriends headed there for two nights. We got back in last night after a 2.5 hour delay (apparently the storms in DC were no joke) which, I will say, is made much more bearable while flying Southwest. Hopefully I’m not jinxing myself by saying that, but having a great crew and captain made delays at the gate and on the runway a lot easier thane expected.

Reviewing My Nordstrom Sale Purchases

So the big question is: have you guys shopped the Nordstrom Sale yet? It opens to the public today and runs through August 6, so you finally don’t need a store card to shop! A lot of items are sure to sell out quickly (like early today)…it’s something that happens every year and is hit or miss whether there are restocks.

Today I thought I’d follow up on this post where I shared my orders from the sale. I gave a brief overview of each item but now that everything has arrived, wanted to go into more detail since a couple of them were huge hits and one was a real miss (for me). I ended up keeping one Natori ‘Feathers’ bra, one Natori ‘Hidden Glamour’ bra, a Chantelle sports bra, this cozy cardigan, and this cashmere wrap. The rest are things I own and can’t get enough of!

Also, sorry for the weird sized images–quick snaps before heading out this morning will do that to ya! Be sure to follow along on Insta…I’m heading to Newport, RI with Ashlee and our boyfriends for a couple of days!

10 Random Things About Me

Britt Ryan Top

It’s been awhile since my last personal post on here so I figured one was long overdue–it’s also my birthday, so doing something like this feels right! Julia and Mackenzie (two great blogs I’ve been reading for years, so add them to your list if you haven’t already!) recently shared similar posts so I was inspired to do the same.

This year’s birthday completely snuck up on me–things in the summer always tend to, but somehow I felt it more than usual–but I’m excited to keep eating cake for breakfast all week, celebrate with Chick-Fil-A for lunch (relevant based on #10 below), and have a nice dinner with a few good friends :)