Friday Things


Phew, this was definitely one of “those” weeks. The kind that go by really quickly while simultaneously dragging on. Let’s take a minute to comprehend that today is the last day of October. Whattt? Time is flying, but this is my favorite season so I’m going to savor every bit. Anyway. The highlight of my week? Getting to see one of my all time idols speak at the Newseum yesterday. The boyfriend and I are members, meaning we have an unlimited annual pass and get invited to some really cool events (like this). Have any fun Halloween plans? Dressing up as anything cool?  I’m likely laying low and just partaking in the candy/sugar consumption part, which is completely fine by me. Whatever you’re up to, have a good one, friends!

Of note…

10 fascinating idioms from around the world… I definitely want to start using some of these phrases! The Spain one is particularly funny…

– Harry Potter fan or not, you don’t want to miss this segment of Daniel Radcliffe’s appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. Let’s just say I did NOT know he had rapping skills!

– Your daily dose of cute … hint: a puppy learning a new skill.

Liz’s Roasted Tomato Soup recipe looks so, so good! I think it’s about to prompt me to finally spring for an immersion blender.

Rent the Runway has grown into an amazing phenomenon, renting out gorgeous dresses and accessories to people all over the country. One can only imagine the behind-the-scenes work that this type of operation requires…read: dry cleaning and stain removing.

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Things I Love Thursday



Quick note about these posts… not to jump the gun, but with the holidays around the corner, our favorite gift guides will start to make an appearance around here in the coming weeks! TILT may go on a brief hiatus during that time (sorry, Julia. I know how much you love these)…TBD. Stay tuned :)

ONE// Topshop Scarf: There are few patterns I love more this time of year than tartan. Plucked out of the men’s department (at Nordstrom, of course), this is a steal for both men and women. It’s a classic way to stay warm! I also love this color.
TWO// Fornash Bracelet:
Guys. This bracelet is $12. For a versatile, throw-on-with-anything, holiday outfit-friendly piece. Stack it or wear it alone… it’s simple perfection.
THREE// 360 Cashmere Sweater: Cashmere is a fun fall/winter indulgence and when shopping smart, you can definitely find some good deals. I have a few cashmere/cashmere blend sweaters and got them all for under $100. One of them is coming up on its fourth winter… talk about a worthwhile investment! This one is a splurge by my account, but I can only imagine its amazing the feel + quality. Looking for something more wallet-friendly? I have this in grey and it comes in so many colors!
FOUR// B.P. Trolley Boots: I’ve heard nothing but good things about these booties. They come in lots of colors, multiple materials, are from Nordstrom, and are an excellent price for long-lasting, comfortable booties. Can you say closet staple?
FIVE// BaubleBar Ring: BaubleBar is so good at elevating basic styles, like pearls. A couple of my other favorites are sold out (this and this) but this ring is a nice balance of simple + statement.
SIX// J.Crew Factory Skirt: You know that handful of things that you want to buy, but put off because you’re trying to be responsible and resist? This skirt falls into that category for me. J.Crew and Factory have both had it in a host of colors over the past couple of years, but I’ve resisted the whole time. I know I would wear it at least every two weeks and that it would pair well with tops and shoes I already own, so it’s somewhat of a miracle that I don’t already own it. I think what’s holding me back is that I’ve only seen it online and never tried it on in store…
SEVEN// Dr. Jart Ceramidin Moisturizer: I’ve mentioned this on the blog before (awhile ago!) but it deserves more attention. This moisturizer changed my skin. My face is extremely sensitive and reacts poorly to most products, but when a sample of this showed up in my Birchbox last summer, it was life changing. I use less than a dime-sized amount twice a day and one tube lasts me about six months. Not the cheapest thing in the world, but I’ve tried others since and nothing compares. It also kind of feels like a primer, which is a great perk!
EIGHT// Topshop Houndstooth Top: I don’t know what it is about this top, but I think I really like it. It looks better on the model than it does alone, but I think it would make a fun work piece when paired with a black a-line skirt.
NINE// Anthropologie Dish Towel: Anthro’s home section never disappoints. This quirky dish towel (on sale!) would be the perfect hostess gift or pick-me-up for a girlfriend.

Sugar Paper for Target

Sugar Paper x Target

An exciting PSA: Sugar Paper x Target is back! If you know what I’m talking about, you’re probably just as giddy as I am. If not, let me fill you in. Los Angeles based Sugar Paper boasts some of the prettiest, simple, yet practical designs in the stationery realm. Last year’s collaboration with Target sold out insanely fast, and the new collection was released yesterday. Guys, it’s so good! With amazing prices (as in everything is under $20). Wall calendars, various types of agendas/planners… I definitely recommend checking it out! I’m in the market for my 2015 calendar and it blows my mind how many brands only offer 17-month agendas (which, since I’m out of school isn’t what I want). Sooo, I scooped up this one! The one con? You can’t really preview the inside of each agenda, calendar, etc. I creeped around on Instagram, caught a few glimpses and am hoping for the best. Definitely optimistic, though!

What are your favorite pieces from the collection? I recommend shopping soon, because I remember that a large portion of the collection sold out within a few days last year. Apparently you can also shop in store, but it doesn’t seem like an easy feat (more Instagram stalking!). Happy organizing :)