Friday Things


Happy Friday from probably either Frankfurt airport or above the Atlantic, depending on what time you’re reading this! Our trip is coming to an end, :(, and we’re on our way back to DC after filling up on all things German (well, beer and sausage… and we ate a lot of gelato) to get back to reality. The trip was wonderful and I’m already looking for reasons to go back, as you can imagine. No links this week since I spent minimal time surfing the interwebs, but I’ll be back with a bunch next Friday and some trip updates over the next couple of weeks.

What’re your weekend plans? Anything exciting, like beach vacays? Let me tell you, Germany was awesome, but I got a glimpse of my summer clothes that were stored away when I went to pack a swimsuit (for a potential spa trip while we were here, not somewhere sunny, haha) and suddenly really wanted to go somewhere beachy. Have a good one, friends!!

Image via Inslee’s Sketchbook with text added by Monica Dutia for Cake & Lilies

Things I Love Thursday

Current Favorites

Found these gems on the internet right before I left for Germany and can’t wait to try on the sunglasses and necklace in store when I get back! The time to shop for spring is finally here (if you didn’t start early) so enjoy this variety before I start piling sundresses and shorts onto this weekly list…

ONE// Sur La Table Oven Mitt: Anyone else think oven mitts are seriously underrated? Considering anyone who cooks uses them on the reg, I think it would be nice to have a cute one or two or a nice set. Sur La Table is a dangerous black hole because everything is adorable and something you didn’t know that you wanted needed until you saw it. Basically, that makes it the best place to pick up gifts! Get this one for the Paris/travel-lover in your life.
TWO// Toni Pons Espadrilles: Wedges are amazing, but finding a modest heel height is a really lengthy process. I love these because even if you’re terrible in walking in heels (*raises hands*), they’d probably do well for long walks and look a little dressier than your standard flat summer sandal.
THREE// LOFT Sunglasses: I love these! I think, at least… sunglasses are tricky cause they’re so dependent on your facial structure, but if these don’t look totally stupid on me, I’d love to have them so I don’t rely so heavily on my pricier Ray-Bans. They’re the best, but it would be great to have a chic alternative :)
FOUR// Brooks Brothers Top: Yellow is a tricky color and if I like the idea of it for spring/summer if there’s a subtle hint of it incorporated in with other colors or a pattern. Stripes + a sailboat sounds like the perfect combination right now, and while a little pricey for a tee, I like to make some select exceptions for one of my favorite brands.
FIVE// Banana Republic Necklace: Guys you won’t believe it… I still haven’t found the perfect tassel necklace to match my criteria! Banana Republic is coming really close though. I’m planning to go into the store and try them on when I’m back in DC because based on what I’m seeing online, I have high hopes! Paired with a sale or Banana’s frequent 40% off one item promo, sounds like it may be worth the wait!

Rain Boot Inspiration

Rain Boots for Spring




With Dog

Well it’s certainly here… rainy season. It may not be April yet, but my rain boots have already gotten some mileage (read: the second week of the month was a doozy). Rain boots can easily look a little clunky, too casual, and/or ruin an entire outfit because they’re rubber, and most people don’t wear rubber shoes on a daily basis. The desire to blend my boots into my outfit is part of why my pair is black, and why every subsequent pair I buy will also probably be back (or dark green, maybe, because the classic wellie). I learned this the hard way by buying a pair of bright pink, pastel boots freshman year of college. They did not look good with my oversized sweatpants, let’s just put it that way.

Because of the aforementioned struggles, some rain boot inspiration never hurts. It’s definitely possible to wear them with work outfits while commuting and they actually have the potential to look really chic. I sometimes think of them as a sort of challenge to style but honestly, just accept that especially when it comes to jumping puddles, function > style. Clearly these ladies are showing us that does not have to be the case, so take a little inspiration from them next time you’re dressing up to brave the springy elements. If you’re still shopping for boots, check out this post from a couple of weeks ago… my current boots are on there, as are the ones that are on my radar + picks under $100.

Where do you stand on the neutral-bright color rain boot spectrum? Many people do say that they’re the time to jump out of your comfort zone with bright colors, accents, and maybe even prints…Stay dry, friends!

Image credits: one via Atlantic-Pacific – two via Classy Girls Wear Pearls – three via Chevrons & Eclairs – four via Vogue – five via In the Buff and Blue