Friday Things

Happy Friday! Despite having a short week (first job I’ve ever worked that gives you President’s Day off…yay!), this week seemed to drag on. Partly because I’ve been fending off a cold, and partly because it was slower at the office but really busy in other parts of my life–I’ll be sharing soon, promise! Not trying to be cryptic on purpose. Social plans have been on the backburner, and this weekend’s plans include lots of BTS blog work, studying, a fun brunch, and obviously the Oscars on Sunday! Katie and I are also shooting an outfit and spent like 10 minutes discussing whether to fully embrace spring attire even though it’s going to be 50 degrees when we meet. Oyyy.

Hope you all had a good one and have a fun weekend ahead…enjoy the summer weather, if you’re in a spot that’s supposed to be 75ºF+ today (eek…)!

SHOPPING: A few things that caught my eye this week:


– It certainly didn’t feel like winter this week but if you’re in the need for a sunny escape, Katie’s Punta Cana guide is going to make you want you to hop on a plane. The blueness gets me every time!

– Krista isn’t kidding when she calls this the perfect tweed dress. It doesn’t break the bank and fits like a glove. Gimme, please!

– I’m sure many of us can use some Whole Foods shopping tips–anything not to totally break the bank!

– These black bean chicken fajitas look incredible. As an aside, I’ve really been craving tacos + guac + queso + margs this week. #Texanproblems? And speaking of, I’ve been reading Rosie’s blog forever and she just shared her proposal story. Kinda feels like I’m reading one of the stories of one of my own friends! Isn’t it funny how blogging works?

– Ashlee shared her top three restaurants in DC for every meal, and I can definitely get behind this list! I’ve been working on a DC-centric guide myself and you’ll be seeing some repeats. This is a great place to start if you’re visiting the city :)


– Spent last weekend in Williamsburg and sharing what we did: bookmark for a future trip!

– Literally the best.dress.ever. You’ll want it for this summer, too!

Photo taken at the Elaya Vaughn Sip + Sketch event I attended last week! She has a beautiful bridal studio on the Hill for any newly engaged out there :)

The Perfect Summer Dress

I have this thing with maxi dresses. I want to love them, but when it comes down to it, can’t help but feel like they aren’t very “me.” There’s no real reason why (because what girl wouldn’t love a built-in lap blanket at a chilly restaurant and an opportunity to skip shaving the legs for once in the summer) but there’s just been this lingering hesitation in embracing them despite wearing a simple black one in Thailand last summer.

Still, in the past a couple of years, a few dresses have hit the market that I’ve been really tempted to try and of course, this year J.Crew has Like, OBSESSED. How perfect would this be for a summer wedding, brunch, dinner…literally everything! It’s easily dressed up and down, and depending on your office setting, you could add a cardigan or wrap and make it work appropriate, too. And it goes without saying, but the gingham print pretty much seals the deal. It’s very rare that I go for items full-priced at the Crew (hi, best sales ever) but it’s so versatile that the price tag is way more justifiable. So yea, this may be the dress that makes me a maxi dress girl, and I’m not mad about it!

PS: Seems like it runs long, so I’d try a petite too unless you want to get it hemmed.


48 Hours in Williamsburg, VA


J and I went to Williamsburg this past weekend with one of our fav couples, and the historic town did not disappoint! I’ve always wanted to visit, thanks in part to Felicity and the American Girl series (#tbt), and of course wanted to take advantage of it being an easy drive from DC.

We got to Williamsburg around at around 2pm on Saturday, checked into the hotel, and headed to Williamsburg Winery for wine + snacks before freshening up before dinner. Sunday was filled with more food, history, and lots of walking…pretty much what you’d expect a Williamsburg weekend to look like. Breaking down what we did (and where we ate, of course) below!