The Best of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks


The Anniversary Sale is finally open to the public!! If you follow a handful of other bloggers, let me just say that I’m sorry if you’re inundated by this sale and don’t really give two shits…I get it! This will probably be my last big post about it. The thing is, bloggers generally fall into any or all of the following three camps when it comes to the #NSale: 1) They post about it because you love scouring hundreds of items for the hidden gems 2) They post about it because everyone else is doing it and 3) They post about it because it’s one of the most lucrative times of year to make money on their blog.

I’ll be totally honest and say that I definitely hit all three of those reasons to some degree, but can say that 95% of why I’m posting about this so much is that I genuinely love Nordstrom, genuinely love this sale, and really, really like finding items I love in a sea of things I don’t. Trust me, this isn’t really about the money (though it’s nice making something when you guys buy something you love)–I spent an embarrassing amount of time posting about this in the past before C&L was part of any affiliate programs. So hopefully this roundup makes shopping for fall a little easier (and more enjoyable!) for you, and if you end up buying through my links, thank you!

Here’s the lowdown of the whole sale, and I rounded up some of my pre-sale favorites in this post. I finally went through the whole site more carefully and have picked out my favorite buys for both men + women. Remember, things sell out fast, so scoop something if you’re even debating it and utilize Nordstrom’s free shipping free returns if need be. So much has already sold out that I had to rework the main graphic above this morning, but they do restock many things so check back often if you don’t see your size.

Happy shopping, and let me know what you buy in the comments below! :)

My purchases: this bra (obsessed), these leggings (taking a break from my favorites to try this time), and this sports bra. Still deciding whether to keep these booties or these (pretty sure they fit well) and waiting on this sweater, these jeans, these black jeans, and these candles (!!!). We’ll see what works out!










Thursday Things


Moving the typical Friday post to today since the Nordstrom sale is going live to everyone tomorrow morning! I’ll have a roundup of my favorites for both men + women and I promise it will be good!

This week was a fun one, but has felt sort of long. I turned 26 on Tuesday and have basically determined that Monday + Tuesday birthday are the worst. I had a fun night celebrating with friends and J and I are grabbing dinner this weekend since he was out of town, and Blogger Scene last night was really fun. It can sometimes be hard to find the energy to socialize and put a smile on after a long day of work, but these events are the kind where I’ve met my blogging besties and end up being worth every ounce of energy :) A couple of us also went to Shake Shack after which was obviously wonderful. I’ll see ya back here tomorrow for some shopping!!


– In case you haven’t seen my tweet/Instagram/FB post, the huge M.Gemi Sale is on and I am obsessed with the selection! There are so many good pairs under $150…these came in yesterday and they’re even more beautiful in person. I’ve posted about the brand a bunch and can truly say that they make the most comfortable heels I’ve ever worn. These sandals took one wear to break in and don’t even feel like heels! Shop fast, though–sizes are flying off the shelves!

Nan shared the most beautiful home tour…it has the perfect blend of traditional + modern elements, which is something I’m constantly trying to achieve in my own home. Lots of gold, black, white, and dark wood…yes, please!

– Wearing makeup in the summer can be rough, so I’ll take any tips Victoria has to offer!

How to get out of your travel comfort zone…solo travel isn’t something I have any desire to do, but this is a great list (especially the part about learning the language!).

A guide to picking the best avocado.

J.Crew’s new arrivals….ohhhmygosh. This shirt!!! How cute would it looked with black or white skinny jeans as we transition into fall?


My go-to work dress this summer (plus, it’s on sale!)

Celebrated turning 26 this week + shared the easiest, yummiest chocolate cake recipe. You’ll be surprised what’s inside!

Photo via my Instagram

The Easiest Chocolate Birthday Cake

Homemade Chocolate Birthday Cake (with cake mix!)

Today is my 26th birthday, and I figured it would be a good time to share an easy yet delicious cake recipe that you can whip up for a friend/family member on their special day (or any day, honestly…because you don’t need an occasion for cake)! Unsurprisingly, cake is one of my favorite foods (I mean, #blogname) and while I’ll eat most variations, tend to be pretty picky when it comes to playing favorites.