I’m Loving: Joanna Baker Art

Joanna Baker Art

While I love discovering and hearing about all kinds of new artists, I’ve come to realize that most of my favorite sources for simple, attainable art for your home tend to be illustrators. Elaborate oil paintings are amazing, but can be quite the investment when it comes to gifting and/or furnishing your home as a twenty-something. I was over.the.moon. to meet Inslee this weekend; she’s one of my most favorite illustrators. I’m slowly making may way through her collection and can’t between her art and her dog, can’t get enough. She’s the reason I’m hooked on illustrations.

It makes total sense that I had a similar reaction when I stumbled upon Joanna Baker, an incredibly talented artist also based in NYC. The first thing I noticed was her humble, sweet blog and just immediately wanted to be her friend. A little weird, sure, but she’s so down to earth and presents her art amongst bits of her daily life. She’s sketched some pretty amazing things that have caught the eye of some really great brands… like this and this.

Let’s discuss: aren’t these prints everything?! There are more on her site, too. Finding artwork for the kitchen can be awkward and tricky, but the fruit + veggie one fits the bill… and is a subtle reminder to forgo the microwavable meals and takeout menus for something wholesome and homemade. I think my favorite part about Joanna’s art is how she turns very simple things –a chair, vases, produce, an umbrella– into something uniquely beautiful.

What’s your favorite piece from Joanna’s collection? You definitely don’t have to pick just one! Here’s her blog, Etsy shop, and Instagram… follow along and watch her new full-time freelance career grow, because I think she has great things ahead of her!

Fruit & Veggie Illustrated Alphabet // Striped Frenchie // No More April Showers // Blue Vases // Flamingo // Striped Chair

Friday Things


Happy Friday, friends! Hope you guys had a good week :) My parents are in town and we’re spending some time eating at a couple of my favorite restaurants, perusing the Georgetown French Market (go! it’s amazing!), and catching up. I don’t get to see them often so it’s always a nice treat when they’re here, even if it is for a short time. Other than that, potlucking, brunching, and savoring these pre-humid days. Whatever you’re doing, I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

Of note…

– I meant to share this last week, but I’m head over heels in love with Lindsay’s wedding. It was even in Martha Stewart Weddings! I’m not at the point in my life where many friends are getting married, but I’ve browsed my fair share of Style Me Pretty and yet am completely blown away. Lindsay’s blog has been a read of mine for awhile, so it was fun to see a little “behind the scenes” of her beautiful nuptials!

Kelly posted this guide to buying Hunter boots that’s useful given that we’re in the midst of rainy season. I did this post a few weeks ago with a few rain boot options, if you’re in the market!

– Are you an emoji user? As much as I sometimes hate myself for it, I just can’t stay away. They’re fun, quick, and lighthearted… though the new update is *insert girl with arms in “x” formation here. There are still no tacos. Apparently Americans lead the way in cake and meat emoji usage, while the French are all about the hearts. Shocking.

Sweet & Spark made an appearance in yesterday’s post, but Jillian’s profile on Design*Sponge is really worth a read. It’s lengthy, but really inspiring and motivating for aspiring small business owners and shoppers alike. I’ve had the opportunity to correspond with Jillian on and off over the past year, and she’s just as lovely as she she is business savvy. Congrats on everything you’ve accomplished, Jillian! Can’t wait to see what’s next :)

– Anyone else bummed about this Kraft mac & cheese news? It won’t be the same orange color anymore! A controversial food blogger who has been getting some pretty negative press lately is apparently responsible for this… time to stock up on the good stuff, because bye bye integral part of our childhoods :(

– Last but certainly not least, my Lilly for Target order came in last night (!!).  I’m just keeping this dress but ordered it in two sizes to try, and this top ended up being too bright/flowy for my taste. I’m selling each at what I paid ($38 for the dress, size 2, and $22 for the shirt, size small). Both fit true to size, though the top runs a little small on top but looser on the bottom. I just ask that you pay $6 for shipping. Shoot me an email if you’re interested –if you can PayPal me, I’ll ship it out on Monday!


– I’m hosting an exciting giveaway with The Cheeky Puppy this week! Enter to win a limited edition Presidential Pets print… it’s a beauty and is so “DC.” There’s also a 10% discount code to use in store and online. The perfect place to get some Mother’s Day shopping done :)

Discussing work/life balance with a bunch of other bloggers… do you have a recipe for doing it “right”? Do you think such a thing exists?

Image via with text added by Monica Dutia for Cake & Lilies

Things I Love Thursday

Current Favorites

Two things under $20, a splurge-worthy tank, and some solid basics? Sounds like a TILT-worthy roundup to me :)

ONE// Nordstrom Glass Pearl Long Necklace: Easy-to-layer pearls are hard to find, but at under $20, these are pretty much perfect. You can adjust the length by wrapping them around as many times as you’d like, and they’re an easy way to dress up more casual pieces for a professional setting.
TWO// Old Navy Top: This top arrived earlier this week (in what was my fifth attempt to get a pair of white jeans from Old Navy that fit… I’m giving it one.more.try. and then I’m done. Apparently finding a perfect pair of white skinny jeans isn’t easy!). Anyway, I’ve been adding a few random products to try to my cart in order to qualify for the free shipping, and this shirt was one of those. I love the light fabric and it’s surprisingly not see through. It’s also a steal at $15, especially since you can wear it tucked in slightly with shorts/white jeans, with leggings, or as a coverup.
THREE// Devon Baer Tank: I’m not one to spend this much on a top (I’m an avid sale shopper) but guys, I’m absolutely smitten. So many companies have been adding trendy accents to classic silhouettes –zippers come to mind– and it’s really disappointing to me to find that a piece I love has an added element that I’m less enthused about. Everything about this is what I’m looking for in a summer shirt!
FOUR// J.Crew Factory Wedges: Wedges are the secret to wearing heels all day, and this summery pair is really fun yet neutral. I love how Sydney styled them and could see them being perfect for casual weddings, too.
FIVE// Sweet & Spark Earrings: Jillian constantly amazes me with both her eye for vintage and her life as a successful businesswoman. I have a few pieces from her curated collection and can honestly say I wear one of the pairs of earrings at least once a week (I’m actually wearing them right now, as I write this post..ha!). Pearls and gold are such a classic combination and would also make the perfect Mother’s Day gift!

Nordstrom Glass Pearl Long Necklace // Old Navy Top // Devon Baer Tank // J.Crew Factory Wedges // Sweet & Spark Earrings